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Toy Box Adventure

Little Fox Preview


Toy Box Adventure
Made by: Amanda April 11,2007

 Chapter 1
Meet the Toys


3397 Mumblewood Lane, a peaceful little house inhabited by a mother, father, and a little girl named Cassy. I need to tell you though, that the story is not about this humble family. “Mom, I’ve finished my homework. Can I go play with my toys?” “ Sure honey” Cassy smiled and raced off to her room, where she kept a very special item, a toy box. Every toy in it she loved dearly- very dearly. The rest of the toys she had and didn’t play with were on a shelf. She carefully pulled out five of her favorite toys. The first toy was a plastic doll wearing a short pink dress with long, silky, blonde hair. Cassy named her Dolly. She then pulled out two plushy toys. One was a lamb and went by the name of Wooly. The other was a doll. She was short and had short brown hair. Her name was Britny. She then pulled out a sailboat whose name was Atlas and, right after him, she pulled out a man made out of legos and his name was Lego. He also pulled other toys to play with Cassy played with her toys for a couple of hours then her mom called her to dinner and she left her toys scattered across her room and barely shut the door. “Finally, she’s gone!” Dolly rolled her head and walked over to a miniature beanbag and sat down. She picked up a supposed to be mirror and looked at it like it did anything. She had every accessory a doll could have. Britny sat on the floor observing the area. She first spotted her best friend Wooly being chased by a beanie baby collie dog. She then spotted Lego as he spoke,“ Dolly, you’re as sweet as a bunny, kind as honey, I mean, as sweet as honey and as kind as a dummy. No, I mea….” “No, Lego, you’re the Dummy. Now get away from me!” “Dolly, I’m sorry.” “ If you want to make me happy, GO AWAY!” She then got up and walked away mumbling angrily. “Dolly, ” he echoed. His happy expression fell as he sat down sniffing. He kept repeating what Dolly had just said over and over sniffing every so often. Britny walked over to him, “ Lego you’re too good for her. Why do you like her.”? He looked over to where Dolly had moved. “ She’s so beautiful.” Britny looked at him pitifully before she spoke “ So, it matters what is on the inside, not the out.” She gave him a warm smile; Lego looked at her not wanting to admit that she was right he quickly changed the subject “ Well I’m dumb and ugly.” “ Your not dumb your just . . . just different.” she widened her smile Lego gave her a suspicious glare the he spoke “Well I’m still ugly.” “ Who said your ugly?” Lego thought for a moment “ Dolly, back when we first meet,” “Well Dolly doesn’t know that much and I personally think she has a bad taste in fashion, plus if she was right other people would say you ugly and I think you very handsome.” Britny gave him a dignified look. He looked down to his feet and smiled. “ Thanks Britny,” “You’re welcome,” she walked over to her original spot she looked around; Wooly‘s former toy that was chasing him had a buddy join him, now two dogs were chasing Wooly. A couple of inches away sat Atlas gripping about not being able to do any thing. As you may know Atlas is a boat so he can’t walk he can scoot at 10 cm. an hour, but he can’t walk since he is a boat you might think he’d like water, but he hated water every time he sees much less is on water he wants to hurl. You see Atlas had a bad experience with water one time during the summer Cassy was in the kiddy pool and he was with her. They were in the kiddy pool for an hour or so then she got out. Her mother was busy so she didn’t notice little Atlas or the kiddy pool. The mother was actually going to a meeting at work so she was in a rush and really busy and the father was already at work. He was left in the water for the whole night and wasn’t taken out till the next day, by then he was sunk and under water and water got trapped in places were water wasn’t able to come out easily and mold formed later. He also got water stained and the sun bleached his yellow sails into a whitish yellow and the red paint covering the main boat was a pinkish red. The true reason he is scared is because when he was sinking in the middle of the night he was alone and scared, he was really knew and young. Ever since then he has been terrified of water and being alone. The dogs that were chasing Wooly finally lost interest and went away. Wooly Barely made his way to Britny and he collapsed in her lap and he fell asleep.


Chapter 2


Everyone was really calm and relaxed and was waiting for the signal that Cassy was coming and that they could get back to their spots. Just then the door creaked every toy rush for their spots Britny woke Wooly up and Wooly scampered to his spot so did Britny. Everyone lay, stood, or whatever position they were in. The door opened completely and reviled that it wasn’t Cassy; it was Rufus, the puppy of terror for the toys. Everyone gasped and started to run in different directions screaming. Rufus’s first victim was a teddy bear, he got down ready to pounce and the bear screamed and started to run towards the toy box. Rufus pounced and missed the bear that barely got into the toy box. Rufus Looked around the room for another victim then he set his eyes on poor little Wooly who was running across the room. He lowered his body and pounced. Wooly froze and stared “BAAAAAAAAAA!” Britny wiped around “Wooly!” thoughts raced threw her head. She looked around for something to help Wooly. Then she saw a tennis ball under the bed she dashed for it. She started to push it towards Rufus. The ball wasn’t too hard to push but it took some time. “Hey boy look what I got for you,” she pushed the ball back and forth Rufus stared at it dazed. She then gave it a large push almost tripping after she pushed it. Rufus went after it with his tongue hanging out leaving Wooly. The ball hit a leg of a table; he lost his footing trying to turn and slid hitting the table. The table that held various items such as a lamp and books. The books slid on the floor and the lamp wobbled and fell off making a mess and a large crash. Cassy and her mom and dad rushed to her bedroom. The toys froze knowing they were saved. “Rufus! You’re a very bad dog” Cassy’s mom shook her finger at Rufus; Rufus put his stubby tail in between his legs. Cassy’s Father observed the lamp and he scratched his head thinking of what to do. Cassy almost busted into tears when she saw Wooly and she showed her mom Wooly “mom look at Wooly!” she held the limp toy in her hands. Her mom took Wooly and said softly “ It’s ok Wooly will be fixed and as good as knew” Cassy face lightened up and walked out of the room with her mother. Her dad stayed and swept up the lamp and replaced it with an old lamp from the attic that gave off the most uncanny glow. When the room was empty of humans again but everyone was in shock. Britny knew Wooly would be back soon.


Chapter 3
The great disturbance


The rest of the day flew by and night took over. Everyone was asleep and so did Lego, but then he had a bad dream about Dolly saying some words to him worst than that afternoon. He woke up sweating and couldn’t get back to sleep so he decided to take a walk. He slowly walked to the edge of the box, when he was at the edge of the box closing the lid he slipped and he fell flat on the ground. The lid snapped closed causing the burglar alarm to go off. Cassy woke up from sleeping and jumped out of her bed heading straight to her mom and dad’s room not taking notice to Lego. The lid on the toy box lifted a little and weak voice said “all clear” then the lid opened all the way. Almost everyone stared at Lego, Lego looked at them dumbfounded. The toys could hear sirens from the arriving cops the majority of them let off a large sigh “ smooth move Lego" “ If you weren’t so dumb you’d remember if you got seen by any human except for Santa your and maybe our privilege for life would be taken away from us” they all got back in the toy box except for Britny, she felt sorry for her friend. She finally decided to talk with him, she climb down the toy box and stood in front of him for a minute. “ Lego what were you doing?” “What did you say?” the alarm was quite loud and hard for the toys to speak over Britny raised her voice and said, “ What were you doing?” Lego bit his lip remembering his dream “I had a bad dream” “ You’ve got to be…” Britny was cut off when the alarm made a weird gurgling noise then it was quiet. Britny looked around “ what happened” Lego frowned “ Don’t ask me” they looked around some more “mom the alarm shorted out.” “We’ll change the battery latter why don’t you go on back to bed.” “Ok mom” Britny and Lego heard her footsteps. Britny snatched Lego’s hand and ran to the toy box. Cassy’s footsteps were closer, Britny and Lego started to climb rapidly. Just when Cassy entered the room while Lego’s leg disappeared into the toy box.


Chapter 4
An unexpected visitor


The next day Wooly was returned to the toy box. Cassy’s mother was right he did looked as good as new. The next two months flew quickly, no more attacks by Rufus and the batteries for the alarm was forgotten. The toy’s lives were normal except for one night. Britny was having a hard time sleeping for a strange reason “Wooly can you sleep?” “Baaa” “ Well I can’t” she sat up and thought for a moment “I’m going to take a walk you want to come with me?” “Baaa!” Wooly got up and followed. Britny lifted the lid to let Wooly out then she followed she was about to close the lid when Lego grabbed her hand “ can I come?” “Sure just be careful with the lid” Lego scowled at her “I’m just joking” Britny smiled and climbed down. Lego slung his leg around and he hit something “Oouch! what was that for!?!” Lego moved his head out of the moonlight, it was Dolly, and he tried to keep calm. “ Y-You look very pretty in the light you want to come on a walk?” Dolly was about to say no when Atlas from behind her rudely pushed her out of the toy box. “ May I come?” Lego didn’t answer; he scrambled down to help Dolly. “Are you ok?” Lego asked very worried Dolly liked the liking the attention and tried bending Lego to her will. “ Oh my ankle” she swung her hand up to her forehead very dramatically. Atlas scooted to the edge peeking over; he caught sighted of Britny “ are you going on a walk too?” “Yes” “Can I go?” “Yes” Atlas smiled and scooted out of the toy box. When he was on the ground Britny tied a skinny blue ribbon, and no it’s not for decoration, but to pull him so he could go faster. Britny at this point was eager to go on her walk. She stared at dolly still exaggerating about her pain “ well Dolly do you want to come on the walk with us or are you still in pain?” Dolly was about to answer then an eerie creek from the attic disturbed them the attic creaked a lot but this creak sounded as if someone was up there. Britny couldn’t help herself but to run to the hall to see what it was, Lego was a little curious him self so he followed, Wooly was about to go when Atlas asked him to pull him Wooly reluctantly did it. Dolly was then left standing she put her hands on her hip,“ well I never.” Atlas and wooly were at the door already. Doll mindlessly started to walk to the door. Wooly was tired but he still headed to the middle of the hall were everyone was at. He was about there and tripped tumbling and getting tangled in the ribbon. Britny and Lego tried to untangle him, but it was too tight. Dolly stood there with her arms crossed, even though no one noticed her. “ Lego, go get the pair of scissors to the right of the toy box I saw Cassy put them their” Atlas squirmed a little then said “ Britny won’t Cassy be suspicious if she found her ribbon cut?” Britny thought for a moment,“she will probably not notice.” She looked at Lego and motioned to him to go. Dolly was getting tired of this and sat down behind Wooly. Wooly was to busy trying to get free to notice her. Then Woolly’s leg accidentally sprung out from under the ribbon, kicking Dolly a pretty far distance Britny cover her mouth. Britny didn’t like Dolly, but not that bad. She ran over to Dolly and looked at her she tried shaking Dolly, she didn’t get up, and before she could try again the staircase to the attic shook a little then swung open. Britny ran to a nearby shadow watching. A mysterious slender figure came down slowly; Britny could tell he was a man because a little bit of a beard was sticking out from underneath his mask. He held a brown cloth sack and wore a red jacket; it was hard to tell what color it was for the moonlight was very dim. Britny never saw this man before and he definitely wasn’t a family member. The man stopped in front of wooly and Atlas he picked them up and shrugged as he stuffed them in the bag he did the same for Dolly. He caught sight of the vase next to Cassy’s bedroom door he quietly put his sack down so he could more attention on the vase, Britny knew it was her only chance to get into the bag to figure out what’s going on, she dashed for it. Lego was just coming out, fortunately for Lego the man’s back was turned away from him. He spotted Britny not knowing what to do he just followed her. Britny didn’t know what she was getting her self into but that man wasn’t going to take Wooly without her. Lego had a hard time running with the pair of bulky scissors but he made it. When they were both inside they could barley see a thing, the only source of light was the opening of the sack, which was not much. Suddenly it was pitch black. Lego was then pushed into Britny and she got pushed to the bottom of the sack.


Chapter 5
Out of the sack into the sewer


The man shoved the vase in completely and tied off the bag, and then the man hastily but quietly ran up the staircase and closed it. In the attic he headed toward an open window. He came out the window and carefully came to the ground below. There was a white van parked in front of the house waiting for him. He opened the back doors and swung the bag into the back of van, closed the doors, and went to the passenger seat. The man told the driver to get going and they were off. Britny sat up rubbing her left leg, which was shoved, into an uncomfortable position. She narrowed her eyes trying to see around. She got on her knees and crawled around whispering the names of her friends. She then came upon Lego grasping the scissors tightly “ Lego is that. . .” “ I didn’t do it I swear!” he shook furiously squeezing the scissors even tighter. Britny shook her head “ Lego I know you didn’t do anything” after a few minutes Lego calmed down. She crawled around some more her hand touched what seemed to be Wooly. Wooly was even more tangled up and couldn’t get loose. Britny at this point had forgotten the scissors. She decided to deal with it later when she could feel and know were everyone was. Atlas was easy to find (he was still tied to Wooly) and he was fine and dandy. Dolly who was unconscious was much harder to find. Britny crawled all over calling her name softly. She finally found her at the back corner; Britny didn’t want to accidentally wake her so she left. She didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t untie Wooly in the dark, and she didn’t want to mess with Dolly who probably wants get even with Wooly. Britny thought to her self “what have I gotten my self into?” Britny curled up and soon fell asleep. A half an hour later Britny woke up tumbling around in the sack. Then she was slammed back to the bottom of the sack and Lego from out of nowhere fell on top of her. The sack opened and a man with hairy hands pulled out the vase. “Johnny you’ve gotten a pretty good vase but where’s the rest of the loot” “I need a bigger sack.” “Well you seem to be able to shove junk in here with the vase” He pulled out Britny by the leg “ O looky here, you got your self a little dolly” he started making baby noises and teasing Johnny “O shut your yap George” he threw a cigar that he was smoking on the floor and put it out with his foot. He walked over to George and snatched Britny out of his hand and looked at her “I don’t remember putting this doll in my bag” “O the doll can walk know can it, I think you should be getting some rest” Johnny looked Britny over he mumbled a little then he shoved Britny into the bag and walked off. George tied the opening of the bag and went off to bed. “Britny are you ok?” “What do you think!” Britny was going hysterical “we need to get out of here!” “Of course we do just calm down.” Britny looked around “We need to first free Wooly,” she stumbled around till she reached Wooly. She tugged the ribbon but it didn’t work. “Britny,” “what!?!” She turned around and Lego was holding the scissors. Britny seemed to relax a bit “ I’m sorry Lego.” “ It’s ok, but what’s bugging you?” “ That man knew he didn’t put me in this sack I was this close having my life being taken away from me” She held her hands a little distance apart from each other “I understand,” Lego gave Britny the scissors and she cut Wooly lose. “I think we should see if we could wake Dolly” Britny remembered were she was so it was easier to find her, when Britny found her she said “wake up” Dolly wrinkled her face and her eyes opened slowly “were am I?” “You are in a sack.” “What am I doing in a sack?” “I really don’t know.” “Ok,” she couldn’t remember everything but when she dose Wooly is in big trouble. “We are getting out of here where ever here is” Britny firmly took hold of the scissors and cut a little hole on the side of the bag she then put the scissors down and looked out the little hole. She saw Johnny and George sleeping on two inflatable mattresses on the ground. Britny was able to see the room better than the first time she came out. It seemed to be a basement because there were no extra rooms or windows and the door was on top of a small concrete staircase, the only light came from a dinky little light bulb on a chain. There was a lot of junk stacked ever were. She also noticed they were on top of a dinning table They were in fact in a small room of a large storage complex. Johnny and George were two brothers who decide that they would lead the life of crime. They did do petty theft and once tried to robe a bank but that didn’t go to well. The police had got there before they were out and Johnny had accidentally dropped the bag of money while running from the cops. They did unfortunately escaped. Johnny usually was the person who did the robbing with his grace and less clumsiness than his brother but had less intellect that his brother did. Britny continued cutting till it was big enough for Atlas to get through. Britny came out first and tripped over a key “hey look” Britny held the key “ I think it opens the door but it might not I’ll bring it along” Britny wedged between a ribbon that tied around her dress so it was snug and safe. They all had a hard time climbing down the table especially for Atlas. Britny, Lego, and supposable Dolly who really didn’t help were at the bottom to catch Atlas and Wooly push from above. “ Wooly on the count of three you push him one, two, three” Britny and Lego braced themselves for the impact, Wooly pushed and Atlas fell landing perfectly but he was a little too heavy and Lego and Britny fell over. No one was injured though. Britny stared at the staircase “ Challenge number two” and a challenge it was, it took them twenty minutes to reach the door. Dolly looked up at the keyhole “how are we going to get up there? Am I going to have to strain myself?” Britny stared at Dolly “Does it look like it’s going to be easy?” Dolly looked at the keyhole a little harder “No.” “ Well we’re going to have to strain ourselves.” Britny looked at the keyhole then at the little group. “Ok, it might not be too hard, Lego do you think you could throw me up there?” “ Up there!?!” he had a look of dread and remorse come across his face. “ Yes up there,” she pointed her hand up towards the keyhole. Lego gave a heavy sigh he put his hands together forming a cup. Britny put her foot in his hands. Lego tossed Britny into the air. Britny reached her arms up to the doorknob. She quickly embraced the doorknob. As she scuffled to get on top of the doorknob everyone at the bottom was smiling and whispering “way to go”. Lego sighed in relief he glanced at Dolly, Dolly at that time so happened to be looking at him too. Dolly quickly turned her head and looked towards Britny. Britny was balancing herself on the doorknob with the key in both hands she pushed it in the hole then everything went wrong. She tried turning the key but the key wouldn’t budge. “No don’t do this to me know!” She let out a loud sigh then suddenly fell, but she caught herself causing the knob to make a lot of noise. She dangled there for a minute then from out of no were came Johnny. Britny out of shock let go of the doorknob and landed next to Lego. Dolly almost screaming said, “what are we going to do!” Britny paused and frowned “ Johnny should have seen us by now.” Everyone stared, Wooly started moving towards to edge of the staircase trying to hide. Johnny walked towards the door, but something was strange about him, he didn’t see the toys and he was walking kind of funny. He climbed up the stares and almost stepped on Britny. He unlocked the door and walked out side leaving the door ajar. Britny looked outside, Johnny was just standing there. “ I think he’s asleep,” Britny studied him a little more “well the door is open so we better get moving.” Everyone was uneasy about this but they were eager to get out of there. The little group went right pass Johnny pushing Atlas along. Wooly stopped and stuck his tongue out at Johnny and scampered onward. They kept moving for a while till they were at a curb right next to a storm drain. Dolly wasn’t in a great mood and was mumbling the whole time she then let it out“ What do we do know we are in the middle of nowhere! What kind of idea do you have know O smart one!” “ Maybe if you would keep your big mouth shut I could think!” Dolly turned red but said nothing she just walked off and sat right above the drain. Dolly and Britny were mute Britny wanted to say sorry but her anger kept her mouth shut. Dolly dangled her legs above the drain then her pink shoe fell off her foot, “My shoe!” Dolly reached her arm out and leaned forward. She lost her balance and fell in. There was a piercing shriek that tore through the silence of the night. Lego mindlessly jumped in after her. “ Lego!” Britny stopped at the edge of the drain. She looked over the edge but lost sight of Lego in the water. Atlas almost knowing and dreading what was going to happen next “ were going to have to save them now right? From the . . . water?”


Chapter 6
Saving Lego & Dolly


Britny pushed Atlas to the edge. Just to let you know what Atlas is going through. Are you afraid of shots? Well if you are do you remember the dreaded days waiting to get the shot and do you remember the feeling of fear when the nurse or medical assistant was swabbing you arm to poke your arm with the shot? That is similar to the feeling Atlas was having. As he was at the edge he looked as if he was going to cry. Atlas tried to talk himself out of it by saying “ I can’t do it.” “O yes you can.” Britny then shoved Atlas in, then he did cry. You could hear him wailing from a good distance. Britny jumped on him and so did Wooly. The current of dirty water was strong and they were going fast. As Britny looked around the small tunnel to see if she could spot Lego or Dolly instead she saw the brownish water and not close to transparent. There were things in the water that Britny never saw before and some things she was happy she didn’t know what they were. Britny most of all noticed it smelled horrible. Atlas didn’t notice any of this for a while he was having nightmares of sinking he also was thinking of the titanic for a strange reason. Mean while Lego and Dolly were being swept away deeper and deeper in the water system. To them the tunnel was endless going up and down, they had been able the grab onto each other and hold on, suddenly luck found them. They came what seemed to come to a giant dome all around it was ledges then the current came to a halt they quickly swam to the nearest ledge and got on panting, “Did you see my shoe?” asked Dolly looking at him pleadingly Lego looked at her astonished. “Are you kidding me?” “What is there to kid I really like that shoe,” Dolly looked around. Lego started drifting off in his thoughts. Now back to Atlas and his crew who are still in turmoil. They were all about to relax when they heard a sound that scared them. Britny looked ahead. It was a fall, if they go down they might flip and Atlas would be capsized. This worried Britny the worst because Wooly and her were plushy toys they can’t wet, if they did they could get really moldy and Cassy would definitely be puzzled, that’s if they do get back. The worst of it was that they couldn’t do anything about it. As they got closer and closer Britny held onto the sail of Atlas and Wooly held onto Britny and they all let out a scream. They went over the edge and fell. Atlas landed properly, but splashing a lot of water onboard. “ Are we dead, if we are this sure doesn’t look like heaven.” Atlas looked around and Britny shook her head, “ We are still in this horrid place.” “ Remind me if we ever get back home to never leave again,” Britny shook her head in agreement. As they went on they soon came to a large dome, the very moment they entered they heard their names being screamed out. “ WOOLY! BRITNY! ATLAS!” “Lego, Dolly were are you?” “Over here,” Britny soon saw the waving duo and Atlas turned to board. They started talking about their mishaps. They all, but Atlas got on the ledge. After a while one by one dozed off.


Rats and monsters O my!


As every one was asleep Atlas stayed awake, he might of gotten use to the sewage, but he was still skeptical and definitely couldn’t sleep on it. He stared at the water in disgust and then he heard a squeak he slowly swam around the dome, he gave up and turned around and then saw about 20 rats approaching Wooly. He started making a racket to scare off the rats and wake up the rest of the group. The rats looked at him but kept on their steady march. Dolly woke up rubbing her eyes “ Atlas why did you wake me up from my beauty sleep,” she then saw the rats and passed out “ O great” Atlas frowned and started heading at full speed towards the group. Britny then woke up and also saw the rats instead of fainting she woke Wooly and Lego up and slowly started to move away from the rats dragging Dolly. Atlas got to the place Britny was and she and Wooly got on without thought, Lego pulling Dolly. The rats broke into a run, but Atlas started off to the other tunnel before they got there. “ Man they almost got us” Britny sat down and gave a small smirk she then looked up at the top of the tunnel and her smile faded “what’s the matter Britny?” Atlas looked up and then started at full speed towards the direction of the endless tunnel. The rats had followed them and were climbing the ceiling some were swimming but they didn’t notice them . . . yet. “EEEK!” Atlas immediately started swinging the stern wildly. Dolly rose up and saw a rat desperately holding on the rim of the stern squeaking ever so often. She then went back to her former state with a loud thump. Their speed picked up but the rats never faltered and kept pace. They rats always seemed to always to multiply; soon there was enough rats to fill an average house. The tunnel was covered with the beady eyes of the rats and their squeaks filled the air. Wooly very sick of the rat that was still holding on the boat gave the rat a good head butt and the rat gave a load squeak and plummeted into the water. The rats all stopped Atlas after he got a little farther down stopped every one looked at the rats questionably. Then there was a loud rumbling growl it sounded so sinister, evil, and huge. Everyone felt the presence of it. The rats scattered in every direction. There was a turn in front of them so they couldn’t see a head. The growl turned into a hiss and a shadow could be portrayed on the turn. Atlas turned and dashed off the other direction. “ Wait it might be able to help us! He scared away the rats for us!” Lego said as he looked at them pleadingly. Atlas then said “Well you can stay if you want and chat with it, go ahead.” “ Thanks and. . . wait a second what !?!” Lego sat back down and tried to rethink another plan. Dolly sat up again and rubbed her face “ you wouldn’t believe the dream I had there was so many horrible rats and and and .” She was quiet for a moment and listened to the hissing. “ What is that?” “I don’t know,” answered Britny. Dolly stared tensely towards the turn then she saw its scaly, huge, and slimy body. It was an alligator; he had a very fat his body that he could barely go thought the tunnel. The alligator snapped and hissed and slowly got closer. Atlas was really tired for he was not and expert swimmer and he was exhausted. He pulled up to the dome but then was jerked back quickly and dolly flipped of into the water. The Alligator was trying to pull Atlas back but his teeth did not get a good grip on Atlas and was repeatedly biting and pulling Atlas a few inches. Dolly crawled onto the side and laid on her belly after a breath she looked up and saw a small rat sulking off with her shoe! She got up and before the rat could hide in his hole she grabbed the shoe but the rat unexpectedly pulled back “Hey let go of my shoe!” Dolly shouted as she tugged, the rat replied with squeak. Atlas managed to get all his passengers onto a ledge but he was still in desperate need of help. The Alligator was persistent and wasn’t giving up easily. Dolly was still having a tug a war with the rat but suddenly the rat let go and it flung out of Dolly’s hands and was catapulted strait at the alligator’s eye. The alligator hissed in pain and swung his head wildly and reared up on his back legs. Atlas speedily swam away before the alligator squashed him with his front feet. “ Hey you guys get on before the Alligator comes to his senses!” every one boarded quickly and Atlas swam around the enraged alligator.


Are we there yet?


Atlas kept swimming for a long time till fatigue caught up to him. Britny noticed this and said “Atlas, I think we have gone far enough you need to rest.” “But what if the beast followed us and. . .” “ I don’t think he followed us,” Britny looked around to make sure she didn’t jinx her self. “Well I guess a little nap won’t hurt, and Britny do you think we’ll ever get back home?” Britny thought about this question and said “ I don’t know if we’ll ever get out of here” Atlas didn’t want to hear that but he knew that was a good possibility. Everyone soon fell asleep out of pure exhaustion. The next day was not all so exciting as the former one, but every one was able to relax. “Are we ever going to get out of this god forsaken tunnel it never ends!” Dolly griped she was huddled up in a corner. “I can’t believe I lost my shoe I really like that shoe now I have to walk half bare foot!” “ Well maybe if you haven’t noticed we are not walking anytime soon!” Atlas said almost yelling “ Hey I’m going threw a really big crises! My body can’t handle this kind of stress!” “ O well excuse me I guess dumping you over board isn’t going to help you, I don’t know what is keeping me from doing that.” Atlas was now yelling and so was Dolly. “I can’t believe you two! Stop it right now, we are all stuck in a tunnel of sewage and all you two can do is argue we are suppose to be working together to get out of here!” Britny was standing and looked at Dolly sternly she then sat down. No one spoke for about two hours and all you could her was sewage churning as Atlas mowed threw it. After the two long hours of silence dolly opened her mouth and said “Are we there yet?” Atlas then said dully “No” After a minute Dolly asked again “Are we there yet?” “No” “ Are we there yet” suddenly a small sneer came on Dolly’s face after she said that. “No” “Are were there yet?” Dolly sneer soon became a wide smile as she repeatedly asked are we there yet and as Atlas’s reply was more accented with anger. After a while Atlas’s no almost became a growl, he was getting really annoyed and was feed up. “ Are we there…” “NO! and I’m not answering to that question again.” Dolly’s smile quickly faded away and sat there pouting having lost her source of entertainment. After many more boring hours later they came to a fork in the tunnel. Atlas not knowing where to go asked, “ Well which one should we take?” No one knew what to do, but Lego was the first to suggest a way. “ Eni meany miny mo catch a tiger by it’s toe um . . . what are those words? O well, you are now it.” His finger landed on the tunnel to the left. “ I think the left is the best,” he declared. Dolly then said “ Well I think we should go to the right!” “Why?” asked Lego crossing his arms. “ Well . . . because I’m smart and know the way!” Dolly rolled her eyes at Lego, but Lego sighed and thought. Britny upon making her decision studied her options carefully “Well” she began “ I think the left is the best way.” “Why!?!” said Dolly surprised by the contradiction, she looked at Lego and he gave her a wide smile. “ I don’t know I just have a feeling that is the way.” Said Britny looking at her feet. Wooly looked at both of them and said, “baa baa baaa baaa.” Wooly then pointed to the left. “ Well then left it is,” said Atlas and he turned left. Another long hour past and all the while they were going Atlas noticed the current was getting stronger and stronger. Suddenly Atlas saw a small light at the end of the tunnel, “guys look!” said Atlas almost not believing it that they may be out of there. Every one stared at the light as it got closer and closer. Atlas felt the current pulling harder and harder soon it was so strong that he couldn’t stop. Soon enough they were flung out of the pipeline in mid air. They all landed safely except for Wooly who wasn’t holding one and was separated from them. “ BAAAAAAA!” yelled Wooly trying to keep his head above the water. “ Wooly were coming!” Atlas quickly headed towards Wooly and every one on board pulled him up. Wooly was soaking wet and wasn’t going to dry for a while.


Chapter 9
The beginning of the land adventure


“Were are we?” asked Dolly looking at the concert sided valley, they were all refreshed to see open sky again but would be more refreshed to be on dry land. They were actually in a Bayou that went strait through the city. “I don’t know, I guess were in some sort of cement river.” Britny shrugged and noticed it was mid day “ Wait we can’t be out here exposed to be seen by humans!” They all spotted a bridge not to far; they decided it was the best shelter for now. They waited till dusk to go and venture out. Atlas went up to the concrete wall. It wasn’t a vertical wall buy it wasn’t horizontal either. The wall was a slanted and had no ledges. “How in the world are we going to get up there!” said Dolly as she glared at the wall then at Britny. “Well the only way I can think of getting up there is climbing.” “ But I can’t climb I’m boat!” whined Atlas feeling depressed because he felt like he was a burden to his friends. Britny had completely forgotten that Atlas couldn’t walk and thinking after a bit of silence she said. “ Well we can just push you up.” Every one looked at each other and moaned. After a great deal of complaint they got to work. They all got behind Atlas and pushed. Ever so often some one would slip and every one would fall back an inch or two. Soon dusk was gone and night had taken her reign. “ Come on we’re almost there!” yelled Britny as they neared the top of their endless climb. Atlas soon came over the edge and he was on flat safe ground. Every one scurried on to the ground and collapsed. After a few minutes thy got up again and “discussed” a few things. “Well we still have to pull or push Atlas every were! He is going to slow us down major big time! I want to go home!” screamed Dolly not caring about Atlas’s feelings. Britny badly wanted to slap Dolly silly and make her say sorry but instead she held her temper and thought logically. She looked around and at first saw only junk. There was a bent old can, few tattered candy wraps, and one old worn out skate. Then it struck her, she walked over to the skate and looked at its condition. The skate appeared to have all its wheels intact and the sides of the shoe part of the skate was falling apart so the skate was almost just a board with wheels. Britny wheeled the skate over to Atlas and said, “ Well if you could manage get on top of the skate and we could roll you around, it would be much easier.” Atlas was ready to try any way to go faster, especially if it didn’t include constant scraping against the ground. Lego, Britny, and Wooly helped Atlas on to the skate, it was a little hard for Atlas to stay on the skate but it served its purpose. The small group headed off to explore this new world and find there way home.


Chapter 10
Who let the dogs out?


They were currently in an empty grass space; vaguely in the distance they could see a street, which was there destination. It took them 25 minutes to get to the street, “ O look over there!” exclaimed Lego pointing and looking at the small shopping plaza. Britny looked in curiosity and asked, “are those houses?” “I don’t think so,” replied Lego shrugging. They scuttled across the street into the parking lot and they went to the front door of one of the shops. “Animal clinic” read Britny aloud the bold black text on the glass door. “I know what that is, it’s a place were people take there pets when there sick,” exclaimed Lego. Wooly as soon as he heard the word pets dashed off in the opposite direction. He didn’t get too far because his feet went “squish squash” were ever he went and Britny caught him in within the minute. “ Now wait a minute this might be a chance to explore a bit, it’s not every day we’re outside our own house.” Wooly glared at Britny with his large eyes and with regret came to reason with her. There was a potted plant near the door of the clinic they decided it would be a pretty safe place to rest for a while. They all woke up at the crack of dawn to a clinic assistant and a lady holding a cat running down the sidewalk. The lady kept yelling hurry at the assistant as the sleepy assistant fumbled around the keys and opened the door. They both rushed in and the door slowly closed. The group stared wide-eyed were the abrupt scene had occurred. A minute later a lady vet rushed down the sidewalk into the clinic, this time before the door closed the little group quietly snuck in. The front desk was empty and no human was insight. The group explored a bit when suddenly the assistant burst into the room but didn’t notice them at all. The assistant looked at some documents then went quickly back to the room were she came from. “ I don’t see why we should be here, humans running in and out of here, we’re bound to be seen any minute and nothing to explore here except the dog hair on the floor,” scorned Dolly. “O I’m sure something interesting to do,” said Britny try to prove Dolly wrong, she looked but only found dust bunnies and dog hair. Lego though had found some entertainment. The assistant had left the door opened to the next room and Lego without warning his friends went in. he found a lot of dogs and cats in kennels all over as he walked around he spotted a giant button on the wall. There so happened to be stool under it, Lego started climbing. When he got to the top he said, “I wonder what this does?” He, out of pure curiosity pushed the button. Sirens went off and the doors to all the kennels flung open. All dogs and cats jumped out of them. The dogs and cats made a huge commotion and stampeded out of the room to the lobby. Britny, Atlas, Dolly, and Wooly were surprised to see a horde of pets coming at them and most of all seeing Lego holding onto a collar of a miniature poodle. The vet and her assistant came out and were knock over. A Saint Bernard jumped on the door and pushed it open. All the pets flooded out the door and into the parking lot. Wooly and Atlas were pushed out the door and Britny and Dolly hitched a ride on a Yorker Terrier. After they regrouped they decided they did enough trouble and should get away from the shopping center. It was not easy to get out of there. The clinic at least held 44 dogs and 35 cats at that time and all of them were running around in that parking lot. As the little group weaved out of the mob multiple times a dog would try to bit at one of them thinking that they were toys to chew and play with and also once a fairly large dog almost mashed Atlas into pieces. When they got pasted the animals it was seven o’ clock in the morning and the sky was a rosy pink color. As they started on another long walk they came to a nice green spot were there were trees and brush. They had found a place to stay for the day, they couldn’t travel in broad day it was too risky.


Chapter 11
Dolly’s twin


When the day was over and dusk came again the group set out to see what more adventures they can find (or mischief). They came to another street, but this one was different. There were different streets branching out from it with houses lined up beside them. “I think were getting pretty close to home,” said Lego as he jumped around with glee. “ Which road is our home on?” asked Dolly, suddenly there was an awkward silence and everyone looked up and down the road to only find multiple roads. “ Umm… what about we go and look around in the road in front of us?” suggested Britny looking down the road. They all crept and gracefully crossed the street, being careful to not be seen. When they had crossed they traveled on the sidewalk but very cautiously. After a little while went by they came to a house that was yellow and had a brown roof. The front yard was large and had many toys scattered across. The group was going to bypass this house like they did the others but Dolly’s eyes spotted something among the toys in that yard. She veered over to the yard and looked in disbelief at a doll that was identical to her. She got closer and stared at the doll when it suddenly spoke, “ What are you looking at?” The doll sat up from the pile of toys it laid in. “ Well can you speak?” “I can, but you look just . . .” “ Beautiful right? Well we all can’t be perfect. I mean look at you! You’re so dull.” “ You look just like me.” “ Me? The beautiful Jessie, look like you, in your dreams.” Dolly and Jessie did look just alike except Jessie had a blue dress and was a tad bit dirty. Also she was different on the inside, Dolly was only rude and selfish, but Jessie she loved to see toys and people alike suffering. It brought Jessie happiness when a toy is unhappy or crying, she was pure evil to the core. She also was unnaturally vain she thought she was the most cool and beautiful doll in the world (of course she was not). By this time the rest of the group had notice Dolly’s disappearance and was going back to find her. When they came back to the yellow house they saw Dolly and Jessie. “ Great now there is two of them,” said Atlas with a sigh. “Atlas, things can be worse.” Said Britny trying to be positive. “No not really,” said Atlas. Britny walked up to the two. “Well Dolly are you going to introduce me to your new friend?” “My name is Jessie” “Ya, her name is Jessie,” grumbled Dolly who had quickly lost interest to her clone. Britny could tell Dolly wasn’t too comfortable and wanted to leave so she politely said, “It was really nice meeting you but we really have to go,” Britny tried to quickly grab Dolly by the hand and go but Jessie stopped them. “What’s the rush shortie? I’m the most interesting toy around why not stay a while.” “Hey I’m not short!” “Yes you are, know are you staying or not?” “ I’d rather lose my life than hang around with you!” retorted Britny as she marched out with Dolly close behind. Jessie scowled at their backs but soon a smirk came across her face. “ Fine, if you don’t want to hang around with me than you’ll suffer dearly,” whispered Jessie quietly to herself, “and I’ll have fun doing it.”


12 A gray evening


It was now night and they had come to the end of the road. They had only two ways to go were left or right. “I really think we should go left, I have a strong feeling that is our way home,” every one was too sleepy to give her a real answer so they all just nodded half asleep. They sulked onward down the other street they didn’t get to far because Lego passed out asleep. They took shelter that night and waited till the next evening. The day went by quickly mostly because they slept through the whole day. This time they decide to start off a little earlier, though it was more dangerous there solution was to just be more careful. They were more careful, and crept along hiding in every bush possible. Mean while close behind followed Jessie thinking of every plan possible to make them suffer. She had bad intentions to hurt them just for sport. As the little group hustled from bush to bush they became hopeless, they all started to think they’ll never find home even Britny. Britny just carelessly shifted her eyes down the street looking for something she thought she wouldn’t find, but she did find. “ Home!” shouted Britny “ Where!?!” asked everyone, quickly they were alert and ready, but Britny had taken off without them she was mindlessly running down the sidewalk. Jessie had found the chance she was waiting for, there so happened to be a lady walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the street she had not seen Britny and wasn’t going to if it weren’t for Jessie. “Hey lady!” shouted Jessie at the top of her lungs; she quickly ducked out of sight. The lady looked around assuming she was the one being addressed but then saw Britny. “ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” screamed the lady and passed out, Britny suddenly dropped to the ground and was motionless. The little group dashed towards Britny. “ Baaa?” said Wooly nudging Britny, he sniffled and a tear ran down his face. “O my, this can’t happen not to Britny!” said Atlas who burst into tears after he said his words. Even the snooty Dolly started to weep and said, “Britny you can’t be gone who am I criticize?” Lego went into a fit and started to cry and wine. There was only one person who wasn’t crying that was Jessie, she was snickering and laughing as she walked away and went home. Lego set Britny on Atlas and they sluggishly went home. The day they’ve been waiting for was now the most horrible day of their lives. They arrived on the doorstep of their home but they couldn’t get in. They had to wait till some opens the door. Luckily for them Cassy’s dad came home from work an hour later. They all scurried in before the door closed. As they quietly went to Cassy’s room they weren’t happy, they liked being home but it wouldn’t be the same without Britny.


Chapter 13
A Christmas wish


A few miserable months went by and is now December 24, Christmas Eve night. “Cassy you better go to bed or Santa won’t come,” said Cassy’s mom, Cassy ran to her room giggling and jumped in her bed. Both of her parents came in to tuck her in and turned the lamp off. Cassy soon fell asleep dreaming of all the toys she’ll get the next morning. Wooly climbed out of the toy box and meandered to the living room were a lot of presents from family were stashed under the Christmas tree. He looked around the room and saw Cassy’s Christmas list and cookies with a glass of milk beside them on top of the coffee table. He slowly crawled up there and also found a notepad and pencil. He started writing a letter to Santa. Dear Santa, This Christmas I only wish for one thing in this whole wide world, I promise to never ask for anything ever again and I’ve tried to be good this year. I wish that Britny could be granted her life back. She really deserves it and I really miss her, every one in the Toy box misses her. Please Santa. Merry Christmas, Wooly Wooly jumped off the table and went back too Cassy’s room. He fell asleep very quickly hoping his wish would come true. The next morning he woke up excited hoping Britny was alive, he got out of the toy box and went to were Cassy had left her setting the other day. She was not there, Wooly looked high and low shouting her name the toys gave him a strange look but went on with their business. Wooly collapsed on the floor crying but suddenly footsteps could be heard coming down the hall and all the toys climbed into the toy box including Wooly. Cassy came in holding Britny and said, “ I wonder how you got under the tree O well.” She shrugged and sat Britny by the toy box. After Cassy left Wooly scrambled out of the toy box and stared at Britny, nothing happened Wooly sighed and started to walk away when a warm sweet voice called him, “ Wooly?” Wooly could hardly believe it he spun around to find Britny standing, “ Baaa!” he ran to her and hugged her, this also attracted a large crowd of toys and they all rejoiced singing Christmas carols. Lego sat near by, he was really happy that Britny was alive but he wished for something else too. He closed his eyes a bit but when he opened them again he saw Dolly sitting next to him. Dolly was not as mean as she was at the beginning of the story the adventure had taught her to be nicer and a better doll. Lego smiled and so did Dolly. Atlas who was feeling left out as he watched Lego and Dolly talk sighed but then heard Cassy shout out “ O Thank you dad! I’ll be sure to repaint Atlas with my new painting kit!” and they all lived happily ever after.


Chapter 14
Jessie’s “blessing”


Now Jessie that Christmas Eve night had a little excitement herself. She was left out on the lawn again and was strolling around, having no one to torture or even pester she was naturally bored. Suddenly a chill when up her spin, she had a weird feeling come across her. Then in the blink of an eye a large plump human in a red suit and a jolly face appeared, but the face was not smiling. She then remembered him, it was Santa, “ Hey Santa old buddy old pal, long time no see!” She gave him a fake smile, but it didn’t work Santa’s glare was stern. “You call me friend and pal, but you treat the innocent cruelly?” “I have no clue what you’re talking about! I’m so charitable and kind! Ask anybody!” Jessie’s heart rate was quickly rising and she could barely smile. You see, little children are not the only people Santa has to watch over. He extends his blessings and punishments to toys especially. Santa, to get a better look at Jessie, crouched down almost to eye level. “O really, well should I ask these toys then?” A magical orb appeared in front of Jessie, It had a magical white glow with a tint of blue. Suddenly pictures of all the toys she had ever hurt appeared in the orb. After a few pictures she felt a little crummy, but the only reason she felt crummy was because she was sorry for getting caught. Many pictures of toys displayed in the orb, but then it stop on a picture. It was a picture of Britny sitting lifeless. The orb then disappeared, Jessie then feebly asked, “what are you going to do to me?” Santa smiled and extended his hand. A luminous light burned in his hand, it was so bright that Jessie had to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes Santa was gone. She felt her body for any sort of weird mutation or injury. She then stood and thought of the punishment when from behind her came a happy voice like one of a cheerleader. “ Hi!” Jessie swerved around and found herself staring eye to eye with another doll that looked just like her she at first thought it was Dolly who she vaguely remembered, but she soon figured out it wasn’t. This doll wore a perfectly white dress and had absolutely no dirty spots or blemishes. She had such a wide smile that it scared Jessie. Her hair was straight with no tangles and was shiny. Her eyes were sapphire and were always filled with happiness. The doll, after an eerie silence said, “ My name is Cynthia and I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends, O you are so pretty and I bet you’re just as smart. . . . . .” Cynthia went on like this for a straight hour with complements and useless chatter. It made Jessie sick to the stomach listening to her rattle on and on. After Cynthia was done she waited for Jessie to say something. Jessie could only utter, in a whining tone, “How long are you staying?” “O that’s the best part! I’m going to be with you for eternity! O their so many things we can do, we can. . . . . .” While Cynthia went on chattering, Jessie cringed and moaned.


The End


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