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The Little Fox - Chapter Eight - The Family Reunion

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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda August 29, 2006

    Timothy Squinted his eyes to see who this mysterious yet familiar fox was.  As the fox got closer Timothy could see more details.  The fox had worn out fur unlike the bright red fur of a young fox .  The fox was only a foot away from timothy he finally noticed who the fox was.  "Mother?" Timothy whispered timothy's mother looked at him for a moment  tears filled her eyes and she yelled "Timothy!" .  Timothy's mom started walking faster, but when she did Timothy noticed she was limping.  Timothy ignored the limping and walked the rest of the 2 inches in-between them.  They  started talking and hugging.  Now, Timothy's wife did not Know  what was happening and stood there very confused.  The Children Stood their for a moment and then looked at each other.  Mat sighed and said " I'm bored why don't we go play or something".  They All seemed to agree to this very fun plan and started running off .  Mary stayed and  approached Timothy and his mother.  As soon as Mary Walked Up to them she said " Honey, What is going on?" She looked at his mother and then looked back at him  "well?" She said in a Very Confused and impatient tone.  " Mary, this is my mother I have told you about and mother, this is my wife, Mary".  He looked at them both hopping for a Smile and For them to be friends , But he got the opposite.  "You never told me about your mother," Mary said in a suspicious way.  Timothy stared at her  very surprised then  he turned around and smile at his mother hopping for her to forgive Mary.  His mother was insulted, but she tried to hold it in and smiled at Mary Mischievously.  Timothy quickly changed the subject " Well um Mother how did you find were I was?"  His Mother Casually Said " well honey  one of your brothers said he saw you and I simply Came to see you" " Was it really so simple?" said Mary  who started to strangely change from Confused to Competitive.  Timothy's mother Stared at Mary then her eyes narrowed.  Just then the Children came screaming "Mom! there is a rattle snake!"  Mary like any mother started asking " Are any of you hurt? were you bitten?" Jane  then  said "  Roselle  dropped to the ground when we started to run!"  Timothy and Mary Started running to the direction the kids came from.  After the twist and turns they reached a little clearing with a rotten stump in the middle.  Behind the tree stump Mary found Roselle laying on the ground Mary Started sniffing ,whimpering, and nudging Roselle  Timothy also found her and Quickly turned around to get Tommy or some one.  As he started to run his heart raced as fast as he was running.  As he reached the front of the house His mother was standing their frightened.  timothy stopped and quickly asked what was wrong?"  She stuttered but managed to say" There's a-a Human over their" "WHERE" said Timothy.  His Mother starred at the barn.  Timothy dashed To barn Hopping that his daughter is still alive.  As Timothy entered the barn He noticed The person in the barn was Tommy's Mom which Was in the barn milking the dairy cow.  Timothy started Yapping and running in circles to Get Tommy's mother.  "What's the matter boy?"  she Asked  as she got up from her wooden three legged stool and brushed her hair back.   Timothy ran to the door and looked outside and back at her.  Tommy's mom frowned and walked over to Timothy.  As She got closer Timothy got farther.  Tommy's mother Started to understand and followed.  Timothy speeded up so did Tommy's Mother.  As they reached the Clearing.  Timothy started to slow down so did Tommy's mom.  Timothy came to a complete halt and then looked at Tommy's mother.  Tommy's mother looked at Timothy and the at the clearing, she saw Mary's tail swishing behind the rotten tree trunk.  She then moved to were Mary was and looked down horrified.  She quickly put Roselle in her apron and dashed to the house. Timothy quickly followed her to the house than stopped they knew there daughter was in good hands.  They Started walking back the barn when out of  nowhere Timothy's mother came running but very awkwardly and speaking so fast that when she was finished Timothy and Mary didn't know a single word that she had said.  Timothy's mom took some deep breaths and started speaking slower "  Timothy! did you see that...that Monster take your child and I saw who it chased you into the woods".  Timothy looked at  his mother and was before he could open his mouth to speak Mary said " don't you mean a wonderful human" " Wonderful! you've got to be kidding me "Mary looked at her and said in a tired , but stern voice "I am owned, feed, and loved by humans and I obey, eat, and love humans".  Timothy's mom shook her head in disgust " my goodness child, my son wouldn't do such a thing, would you Timothy.  She looked at her son with much confidence then her face changed as the pause lengthened "would you?".  Timothy  almost ashamed mumbled " I am owned by a human"  His mother looked at him and then she looked at Mary  "It's your fault you little tramp!" Mary surprised asked "who me" "yes you! you must of tricked my son into such a thing!"  Timothy shouted "It's not her fault". Timothy's mom almost shredded into tears ran off.  Timothy about to cry himself tried calling his mom back it was no use she wouldn't come back and they couldn't  search for her , it was getting late.  "Timothy I'm sorry" Mary looked at him with eyes no one could resist. "Mary it's not you it's my mother" He looked around and then he started heading towards the house.  In the barn was Tommy's mom and his dad and himself  they were searching all over Roselle for a bite mark or some sort of injury but they couldn't find one then the mother after some time of thinking "maybe she's out cold".  The father said "that has to be it she has no injury at all" Then Tommy said in a surprised tone " you mean she fainted" "yes" "that's all!" "shhhhh" his Father pointed at Tommy's mom which fell asleep from being so Tired "did she faint too?'' "no" Said his father he knew Tommy was joking.  The next day when Timothy woke up the first thing he remembered was his daughter.  he rushed into the barn searching franticly for his daughter.  He first though found Tommy's mom sitting in a pile of hay and on her lap was Roselle .  Very relieved he left  the barn.  He stood they're for a minuet and then he started to walk and saw his mother sheepishly walking to what seemed to be a bush.  He walked a little closer so if his mother broke into a run he could catch her better. "Mother" Timothy's mom looked at him.  Timothy decided it was a good time to move closer after that the mother did a crawl/walk Thing the rest of the way to Timothy.  They both said they're  sorry and apologized.  Timothy notice her paw was in a hurting position he couldn't help, but ask "Mom, I was wondering why are you limping?"  His mother had a completed look on her face "Well I was traveling on a dreary afternoon" "Traveling where" "I mean just walking around searching for food, anyway  then I suddenly heard foot steps and barking I knew then it was a hunter I dashed quickly away , But the dogs legs were longer than me so they out ran me one bit me on the leg right there I had to use smarts over brawn.  I hastily ran in to a nearby thick et the hunter try to shoot me but I was able to escape his every bullet.  I finally escape from behind the thicket and then as I was walking along and I  spotted you" Timothy smiled "well I guess you would like to leave right" his mother shook her head they both said good bye and his mother departed.  A week past and we find Timothy and Mary lying on a porch " Mary you never told me How you found Patty".  


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