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The Little Fox - Chapter Nine - Mary's Story

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Little Fox
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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda 10-30-2011

Mary looked at Timothy with a small smile.   " I was actually born many miles away from here.  I was born in a city.   My family had a home in the city park.  The park wasn't very large, but there was enough space for my family."

"What was your family like?" asked Timothy earnestly as he was very interested to hear this.    Mary began giggling, then laughing which made Timothy even more curious.   He begged her to tell him what was so funny.   "Well, I actually never knew my real mother and father.  Two dogs raised me.   I never thought it was strange until now."  Timothy was stunned.   "You were raised by dogs?" He asked in unbelief.  Mary nodded and said,

"Yes I was and they treated me like I was one of their own.  I don't know what happened to my parents.  My mom and dad, excuse me, my dog mom and dad said that they found me abandoned just outside the city along the side of a highway.  They tried to track my parents by smell, but the scent faded away before they could find them.  So, they took me into their care.  

"I had a happy childhood though.   When we were old enough to walk, The litter and I spent our days exploring the city, chasing cats, and playing ball in the alleys.    Suppertime we'd return to the park for dinner.  My dog parents were strays, and had been their whole life.  This made us strays too.  As fun as life was, being a stray was also dangerous.   Everyday we had to watch out for cars, dogcatchers, and other strays.  It was even more important that we kept away from other strays, because of me.  Being a fox, I was actually viewed as food to other dogs.  They didn't understand our family.

"I didn't like being a fox when I was younger and wished i was a dog.  I felt like a drag on my family.   They couldn't go to social events happening in the city, like the Howl Festival during a full moon, Bone Bingo, or other various alleyway parties.  If we went, there would certainly be dogs trying to attack me.  So my family stayed home and just avoided other dogs.

One morning, my siblings and I were exploring a new area of the city.  Mom and dad were nearby searching for food in trashcans behind some of the restaurants.  The place we was exploring was a store parking lot.   We  ran around the parked cars playing a rowdy game of tag.   I was it and was chasing one of my sisters, trying to tag her.  She had out run me and was hiding somewhere.  Then, i thought I saw her paws on the other side of a car.  An idea popped into my head that since i was small enough, I could crawl underneath the  car the paw i saw and cried that she was it, but it wasn't my sister or any of other siblings.  It was a strange dog and he growled ferociously at me .   I yelped in surprise and ran. 

This was the beginning of a long chase.  I was yelping for help and my siblings heard me.   they barked  and chased after the stray, begging him to stop.  I ran out of the parking lot with the mean stray chasing me and my six siblings chasing him.   We ran down a street, into a neighborhood, through a playground, I managed to squeeze under a fence into a backyard.   However, the stray was too big and couldn't follow.  he tried to dig up the dirt to make the hole bigger, but he realized it would have taken forever.  I laughed at him and joked about how he couldn't get to me.  I pranced around on the green grass of the yard and shook my tail at him.  He let out a frustrated snarl.  My siblings had fallen behind during the chase and just then reached to where we was at.   They stood a ways behind the stray, relieved that I was safe.  One of my sisters giggled at my jokes. The stray spun around to face them.  he barked at them savagely and began approaching them.  I stopped joking and told him to leave them alone and that it was me he was after.  He didn't listen.  He chased them away and I couldn't see where they went. 

As easy as it was to get in the yard, it was much more difficult to get out.  The fence was in such a way that I could push underneath and get in from the outside but I couldn't get out from inside.  I was stuck in some person's back yard.  I scurried along side the fence, trying to find any other opening when suddenly I heard a door open and close.   I looked over at the patio and saw a little girl standing there looking at me.   That little girl would become my owner, Patty."  Timothy was silent as he thought about the story.  

"What happened to your siblings?" he asked.

"I latter found out that my mom and dad came across the stray chasing their pups and put and end to the chase.  The stray couldn't scared two dogs like my parents."   Mary smiled with pride.  Mary said , "A year after Mary found me, her family moved out of the city to here, where i met you.  You know that part of the story already."  After Mary finished her story, she and Timothy got up from the porch on which they were laying.   Together they walked to the barn.    They laid in the hay and spent time with their children and the horses who were also in the barn. 

All of a sudden one of the hens from the chicken COOP came into the barn flapping her wings and squawking, " my egg is gone! my egg is gone!"  one OF THE HORSES NEIGHED FOR THE HEN TO CALM DOWN, BUT   SHE REMAINED IN A PANIC.  "i THINK IT WAS THE SAME THIEF WHO STOLE THE SQUIRREL'S HARVEST OF NUTS AND timothy’s mom’s APPLES"


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