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The Little Fox - Chapter Five - The Honeymoon

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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda July-16-2005

The day after Timothy's  and Mary's wedding they left for their  honeymoon.  They went to *Solomon Lake* like they decided.  When they arrived at beaver dame hotel they were so relief that they were on ground they did not like the bumpy ride on the stork!  next time they will take the horses.  The  first thing they did was get them self a room.  they went to the front desk to get there room the cashier said good evening and told them there room number.  they went on the deck that  was out side to take a fresh breath of air a sales beaver that's a beaver that sales items he said  "do you what these wooden shoes?" "no" Timothy replied " um do you want this here pipe ?" "no thank you sir will you just bug off or may I say beaver off " said Timothy  in a very angry tone "please buy something I have a wife And ten children starving !" Timothy and Mary just said good day  and walked of.  That night the ordered a deal of blue berries and some fresh delicious fish .they had a beautiful room they had a inside pool and they had moss as a carpet and vines on the roof Beavers and muskrats are the hosts.  There  are fun  activities like ping pong nut, lily pad porker, and a lot more  Timothy  Mary played some of the games they went for a swim and caught some fish.  AFTER THEY CAUGHT SOME fish they laid down Timothy looked around idly .  HE SPOTTED barracuda and woke up from his idle rest  he quickly shouted "RUN!"   Mary look and started to run like lightning and Timothy close behind  but Mary's foot got stuck in quicksand only a couple of minutes and she is lunch!  she looked at the barracuda  and then at Timothy then she started to cry in fear she closed her eyes she felt the water then she opened them again she looked at the barracuda it was snapping furiously  Mary saw that the she was in shallow water she grinned and shouted " I'm alive!".  Timothy was ran back to Mary and was so relived and helped her out of the quicksand.  he brought her back to the hotel then took a swim in there inside pool.  that night they had some mouse, pigeon, and a shrimp salad.  The next morning the rooster said COCK-a-doodle-do in a very sleepy way that was the alarm to wake up the hotel they only paid the rooster  2 minnows a day but he thought it was plenty.  the first thing that they did they went on a nature hike they were in a beautiful forest the both noticed  a cave and it was filled with diamonds and crystals they explored it  was so beautiful Mary asked "can we come back and take a couple of crystals" "sure " Timothy said still gazing at the gems .They went  out to explore some more they soon found that they were in a bunch thick trees and mud then  suddenly a grizzly bear came walking  and spotted them.  the first thing they did was to be still as possible and be quiet it worked.  They got out of the mud and carefully ran back TO THE DAME  and tried not to let the BEAR SEE THEM AGAIN .  But they heard the huge BEAR running after THEM timothy said quickly LETS "GO TO THE CAVE WITH THE CRYSTALS " . When they arrived they were panting with fear they looked around and each found a hiding spot and stayed there .  When the bear arrived they shacked with fear again .  The bear tried to paw at them but the crystals stabbed his paw so he gave up and limped away in pain.  After Timothy saw the bear was gone he stood up called out "Mary Mary Marry"  Mary didn't answer so he tried again "Mary Mary Mary" there was no reply.  he carefully walked outside there was a rustle in the bush Timothy whispered "is that you Mary" "yaw who else do you think I am the ghost of Christmas past" Mary said sassy like "I was just worried about y...." they heard screaming from the hotels direction.  "the bear!" they both exclaimed Mary got to her feet and started running after timothy which got ahead start.  They arrive there eyes widened  the hotel was demolished the manager said to all the guests to pleas return home. timothy and Mary  got in line for the stork timothy complained "Why do we have to take the stork pleas can we take something else?" "no because its the fasts way home and were going to have to deal with Tommy and Patty remember," reply Mary "I'm still get sick you know," when they arrived home the anger on terror was just beginning. Tommy and Patty stared at Timothy and Mary for hours then Tommy said  " I can't believe this " 'I can't either! who on earth knows were they have been they could of gotten eaten! " .  Timothy thought in his head" maybe we should of moved into the hotel and get yelled by the manager instead of them"


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