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Kingdom of The Clouds

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Little Fox Preview


Kingdom of The Clouds
Made by: Amanda August 22, 2010


Many miles above land are little fluffy white clouds.   We see them all the time.  What we don’t see are the tiny little people who live in them.  They are not in all clouds though, just a select few.  The clouds that they do live in are giant cities filled with white buildings and houses.  The people all have fluffy white hair and round little noses.  Their faces are a pale white, but can glow red with anger or blue with worry.    In the world of the cloud people, all was well and balanced.   That is until the disappearance of their king.  

            King Cumulus, looked just like all other cloud people.  He had white fluffy hair and a small round nose, but on top of his head he wore the royal crown that every king had worn since the first king.  The crown looked like it was made of ice, but it never melted. King Cumulus was a great king, he cared deeply for his people and the people loved him back, so his death was very sad and shocking.  It was a very strange accident that happened to the king.  He was at a far edge of the cloud; the only people who lived there were farmers.   At the very edge was a farmer’s house in which the king had visited because this particular farmer supplied a lot of the cloud city’s food and was having problems with thieves.  Two witnesses last to see the king, were two of ten knights that had come with the king.  These two knights were the farthest away from the king and were at the gate entrance of the farm.  When they were asked about this horrible accident this is what they described:  As they were standing guard they suddenly heard a loud and strange sound.  The whole sky was filled with the sound of a rushing wind.  The two guards looked all around them, but nothing could be seen.  At the peek of their worries something emerged from the cloud’s edge.  It came up right beneath the farmer’s house, elevating it up.  This thing that was emerging was very bright pink, like the clouds at sunset or sunrise.  This greatly confused the guards because there was never color in the clouds except at sunset or sunrise.  But there in front of them was this giant pink thing coming up in the middle of the day when there was only suppose to be white.  The two guards looked at one another to assure they were both seeing the same thing.  The rising pinkness was perfectly round and smooth and very very large.   To us this was an ordinary rubber balloon that a child could wrap their arms around.   To the cloud people, it dwarfed their tallest buildings. 

            The knights began to scurry like squirrels, not able to make up their minds what to do.  They first began running toward the house where the king was to try and rescue him.  Then they fled in the opposite direction, fearing for their own lives and realizing the king couldn’t be save as he was in the house on top of the balloon.  They froze as a new sound could be heard.  Amiss the windy sound there was now a sound of something stretching.  The knights stared at the balloon, though they didn’t know it was a balloon.  The balloon exploded.  A gush of wind hit the knights like a brick wall and sent them flying back.  They landed in different places, but both landed with a thud and skidded on the cloud’s surface.    After a few painful groans, the knights opened their eyes.  Their eyes saw pieces of pink rubber falling back down to Earth.  When all the rubber was gone, they noticed that the farmhouse was gone, and there was a new edge.  This new edge stopped only a little ways from them.  They both got up, with pain filled grunts, to look over the new edge.  The explosion had taken the farmhouse, most of the farmland, and the king. 

            The two knights sat in hospital beds almost in tears as they told this story to the King’s chief advisor.  The king had a council of ten advisors, one of them being the chief advisor.  He stood before them quietly and would often scratch his chin, which had a long fluffy white beard growing from it.  When the knights were done explaining, he nodded solemnly and left with the edge of his robe trailing behind him.  He was heading to the palace, to inform the king’s family.  Pulling his robe’s hood over his head, he walked out the door of the hospital into a crowd of anxious journalists and people.  They all at once began asking many questions, but he ignored them as passed through the sea of people.  Though the two guards were the only ones who saw the king disappear, they were not the only ones to see and hear the balloon.  Most citizens on the Imperial Cloud saw the large pink form rise, and all heard the explosion.  The people waited for the king to make an announcement on this very strange occurrence, but he didn’t.   When news got out that two of his guards were in the hospital, everyone began to get very worried. 

            The chief advisor had to wiggle through many more worried crowds of people, especially when he reached the palace.  It was so full of people that the palace guards had to escort him though to the front gate.  Having finally made it, the chief advisor took a deep breath and walked to the ballroom.  At that time the grand ballroom was being used for the gathering of the king’s council and family.  A large oval table sat in the middle of the spacious ballroom.    Eleven people were seated around it: nine advisors, one queen, and one princess.   All of their blues eyes watched the chief advisor enter.  He felt all of their attention drawn upon him as he reached the table.  He lifted his hood away from his head and let it hang down his back.  “Your highness,” he bowed his head respectively to the queen.  She acknowledged his respect with a slight nod.  “I went to the hospital and spoke with the surviving knights, and they claim the king is gone,” told the chief advisor.

            “To where?” asked one of the sitting advisors.

            “They say that the monstrous thing that rose up today came underneath Farmer Sprite’s house.   The house was on top of it when it exploded.”   Chatter broke out among the advisors and the princess looked to the queen confused.   “Does that mean father is dead?” Princess Wispy asked, frightened. 

            “We’re not sure,” replied the queen, who was also frightened but did not show it. “Wispy, why don’t you go and finish your studies.  The council and I must talk privately for a moment.”  Wispy did as he mother wanted and left the ballroom through a side door, one different than the one the chief advisor entered.  The door leads to a carpeted hallway.  Wispy walked a few steps down the hall, then turned and went back to the door of the ballroom.  She stood behind it, opening it slightly so she could listen to the conversation.  “Never the less your highness, the king is absent and can’t be found.  During the meantime you will oversee the business of the kingdom, we will be with you every step of the way.” Said one of the advisors.  There was a brief silence.  Wispy heard her mother sniffle and blow her nose; the queen was crying.  Wispy herself felt teary eyed.  “ Your highness, I realize this a very stressful time and you need to be with Wispy.  We’ll talk further about his later.  Before we part though, it might offer you relief to know that the king’s trials are fast approaching and a new king will be elected.  So your duties will only be for a few weeks,” said the chief advisor.   The chairs scooted on the floor as the council got up and their footsteps pattered as they left the room. 

Wispy pulled her ear away from the door. Slowly she made her way down the hall, passing door after door.  When she had reached her bedroom door she entered shutting the door behind her.  Princess Wispy’s room was rather simple for royalty.  When you walk in sitting before you is a comfy circular bed with pillows decorating the head.  To the left are double doors, and behind them is a walk in closet.  To the right is a window taking up the whole right wall.  Giant curtains frame the window, and can be closed if wanted.  The window had a beautiful view of the Imperial Cloud and its city.   Wispy laid down next to the window so her tummy was pressed against the floor of her bedroom and her nose touch the glass as she look out.  The sun was setting and her room was dyed pink and orange, as was the whole city.  Wispy closed her eyes and wished.  She wished that her father was still alive somewhere, seeing the sunset.  She repeated the wish in her mind over and over until she fell asleep. 

As Wispy slept the Chief Advisor stood at the palace gates and told the crowd of the kings disappearance.   Many people in the crowd burst into tears.  The news spread quickly.   By the same time the next day everyone in the kingdom knew.   Messengers from the Imperial Cloud rode the winds to all the cloud cities in the atmosphere to deliver the news.  Search parties went on the hunt, to find the missing king, but not a trace was found of him or anyone else who had been lost.  There’s little hope to find the king, and after days of searching with no results he was proclaimed dead. 

The Imperial cloud is the capital of the whole cloud kingdom.  Near the giant capital cloud, a much smaller cloud island is lurking below in its shadow.  This little cloud holds the Imperial Prison, home of the kingdom’s evilest criminals.   Those who cheat, steal, and murder are locked up in there so they can do no more harm to the cloud people.  There is an air ferry that flies back and forth between the prison and the Imperial cloud. It is used to transport supplies and prison guards who work at the prison but live on the Imperial Cloud.  Sometimes the ferry carries a new prisoner. An air ferry looks like a small boat that runs off of steam.  On each side of the ferry are two great flipper looking wings that help it fly. The prison ferry in particular was a dull gray color.  The ferry was parked at the Imperial Cloud.   A few prison guards were getting on board and so was a mysterious hooded figure.  He didn’t wear the uniform robe of the royal advisory council.  No, but he was still an advisor, hidden a dark blue robe.  This young advisor was attending to dark business that could only be dealt with now that the king was officially dead.  This was a crooked advisor who was not loyal to the king or the well being of the people, but to another master.  The crooked advisor’s master had been put in prison by decree of the king for treachery.   

The ferry took to flight after it had been fully loaded and soared into the air.  The crooked advisor’s hood and cape rippled in the wind as he stood on the ferry’s deck.  The ferry glided to its port at the prison’s cloud.   The gray prison walls were many stories high with even higher towers at every corner.    There were no windows, and only one entrance.  The crooked advisor got off the ferry along with the prison guards who now rushed to their job positions.   The advisor walked calmly to the single entrance and told the prison guards who he was.  Immediately they let him in and one of them lead him to the cell he was looking for.  It was dark inside, as it was suppose to be.  You see, the cloud people cherished sunlight and the prison allowed none to its prisoners.    The advisor himself felt uneasy with the sudden lack of light and followed close behind the guard. 

As they walked many wails and angry shouts came from the cells they passed.  They walked along the maze of darks halls and holding cells.  “Gale, correct?” Asked the guard

“Yes, that’s who I’ve come for.”

“Well, this is his cell right here,” said the guard and he stopped.  The advisor went to the bars and peered in to see a figure crouching in the back corner of his cell.  The guard left to get the keys and a few other guards to escort the prisoner, leaving the advisor and Gale alone.  “ What is the reason for you visit?” asked gale from the shadows.

“King Cumulus is dead, and I’ve organized your release,” whispered the crooked advisor excitedly.  Gale rose from the floor and came up to the bars with a wicked grin on his face. 

“What an unexpected joy,” said Gale. Plans for his revenge began to grow in his mind.  “Tell me, how many days until the king’s trials?”

“Ten more days,” said the crooked advisor.   The guards could be heard marching down the hall and the keys jingled in one of their hands.  They opened the cell and put handcuffs around gale’s wrist.  Gale and his crooked advisor were lead out of the prison.  Outside, Gale was un-cuffed.  He squinted in the sunlight, hardly able to see.  The crooked advisor took Gale by the arm and assisted him to the ferry. 

 Back at the palace, everyone was is sad spirits.  The servants sluggishly did their chores, the queen would break down into tears when she wasn’t tending to royal business, and Princess Wispy often sat in the garden silent as a statue.  The garden had many little blue shrubs and flowers.  There was also a pond with a light mist floating about it, Wispy sat on a bench next to this pond.  Wispy wore a long-sleeved white dress with lacey trimmings and silver ribbons.  Atop her head she wore a small tiara made out of the same glassy material that her father’s crown was made from.  

Wispy looked up as she heard a distant neighing. Above her was a flying herd of unicorns.    The unicorns that live in the clouds have dove-like wings and a crystal horn growing from their forehead.  In direct sunlight the horn has rainbow sheen.   The royal family always had a tamed herd of unicorns through the whole history of the kingdom.  The flock flying above Wispy was a wild herd, and wild unicorns were dangerous to be around.  Wispy watched the rare sight.  Strangely one unicorn broke away from the herd and began to descend to the clouds surface.  Wispy stood up and moved to the door of the palace, scared that the wild unicorn was violent.  She stood in the doorway as the unicorn landed in the garden.  The horse turned it’s head side to side, looking for something.  It spotted Wispy at the doorway and began neighing.  It took a few steps forward causing Wispy to jerk away, deeper into the doorway.  The unicorn sensed her fear and started nodding it’s head.  She stared, noticing something even stranger; there was a crown around the unicorn’s horn.   Curiosity drew her out of the doorway.  Wispy cautiously came before the unicorn.  The unicorn tilted its head forward so the crown slid down its horn and into Wispy’s hands. She doubted the obvious.  It could not possibly be her father’s crown, but it was.  Wispy blinked at the unicorn.  Suddenly Wispy gasped as she realized this unicorn was her father’s stead, Parcel.  Parcel was the unicorn that King Cumulus had rode to the farmer’s house and had been missing since the explosion.  Nobody had paid attention to the missing unicorn during the search for the king. 

Wispy placed a hand on Parcel’s nose.  Parcel pulled away from her at began to trot in circles.  He stopped and looked up into the sky, then back at Wispy, then back at the sky.    “What wrong?” asked Wispy.  Parcel let out a huff of frustration at his limited communication.  Parcel knelt down, inviting Wispy to get on his back.  Hesitantly Wispy got on his back.  As soon as she was on, Parcel spread his wings and took off in flight.  Wispy’s screams filled the air as she clung to Parcel’s main to not fall off.  This was her first flight on a unicorn, and without a saddle it was difficult to stay on.  Parcel flew swiftly, flapping his wide feathered wings to propel him faster.  “Parcel, take me back this instant!”  Parcel grunted his refusal of the idea.  She hopelessly groaned and looked down at the city.  Everything looked small so far down.  Soon the city ended and the country began.  Large white fields with little barns covered the ground below.  After the country was the cloud’s edge, and then there was nothing but air.  Wispy looked behind them as the edge disappeared behind them.  Being in such an open space made her feel very venerable, like any moment Parcel would stop and they would go plummeting down into the unknown.  Such a scary thought caused her to wrap her arms tightly around Parcel’s neck and closed her eyes. 

A while later thunder rumbled through the sky.  Wispy’s eyes snapped open and she looked around.  Small black and gray clouds were everywhere.  They were above, below, to the left, and to the right.  They had flown into a storm   Parcel kept flying, completely ignoring the danger.  The cloud islands got larger as they got closer to the heart of the storm. Wispy had heard many stories about storm clouds.  Messengers who fly between the cloud cities often brought messages to the king.  They also brought stories of their travels.  Often a messenger would run into a storm.  Some say the lightning will chase you, threatening to electrocute you to death if you aren’t quick enough.  They say the lighting has evil intentions, or that it’s actually a being or monster.   One messenger swore that he saw a person made of lightning, dancing around him and it was laughing.  Her father and mother told her that it was impossible for monsters to live in thunderclouds because they couldn’t sustain life.  Still, the stories haunted Wispy’s mind as they flew deeper into the storm. 

The center of the storm came into view.  It was a mountainous cloud, about ten times larger than the Imperial Cloud.  The mass of dark clouds would light up for a second and then a moment later would bellow with thunder.  Parcel came to the cloud’s edge and landed.  “Why did you bring me here,” Wispy whispered angrily.  She whispered because she had an odd feeling that they were being watched.  Parcel had the same feeling, and he cautiously walked across the ground which shook as a clap of thunder boomed in their ears.  Suddenly there was a cackling laughter echoing around them.  Spooked, Parcel bucked his hind legs and bolted into the depths of the thundercloud.  His hooves pounded on the cloud as he galloped away from the danger.  Wispy dared to look behind them to see threads electricity bouncing around in the clouds coming after them.  The lightning was chasing them just like in the messenger’s stories.  Wispy took her heels and spurred Parcel to go faster.  “Fly! Why don’t you fly?” Wispy pleaded.   Parcel continued galloping, refusing to fly.   The lightning sparks were gaining on them, so much that Wispy and Parcel could feel surges on static run along their skin. 

A bolt of lightning struck Wispy in the center of her back, and she limply fell off of Parcel.  She lay riveting on the ground.  Parcel felt her fall and came skidding to a halt.  He turned to see the little monsters already surrounding her.  The little beings were made of moving electricity and were half of Wispy’s height.  They have a pointy-head mounted on a stick-like body, and their body always seemed to be spiking and fizzling from the jolts of lightning moving through them.  They didn’t have eyes, because they weren’t needed.  They felt the energy around them.  These were the beings that lived in the thunderclouds and chased the messengers who later told stories about them. 

They lassoed Parcel with a sort of glowing rope.  Parcel put up a struggle to free himself by kicking and tugging but electricity would be shot into the rope to shock him until he gave up.  The electric monsters with their prisoners and took them to their leader, the Thunder Chief.    Wispy revived from her stunned state as they reached the entrance of the fortress.  The little monsters that had been carrying her put her down and tied her hands with the same rope that Parcel had around his neck.  Wispy looked at Parcel for help, but his head hung low with failure.  They went with the little monsters into the fortress.

Inside, they were brought to the throne room.  Sitting in the throne was something frightening.  The Thunder Chief looked like the little ones that had escorted Wispy and Parcel, but he was three times as large.  His bony arms rested on the thrown’s armrests, but in his right hand held a scepter with a round orb on the top.  The little monsters knelt before their leader, and forced Wispy and Parcel to do the same.  There was low chuckle that same from the mouth of the Thunder Chief and he then said, “Silly unicorn, you escape from us and then bring this child back.  Is that your idea of a rescue? HA!”  The Thunder Chief got up and looked down at those kneeling.  He saw the tiara on Wispy’s head and plucked it off her head. Wispy, who’s head had been bowed looked up as her tiara was removed from atop her head.   He looked at it for a moment and said, “Well, you really are a dumb unicorn.  You brought me the princess!  Now I have King Cumulus and his daughter.  What luck.”   The Thunder Chief let out a cackle of victory. 

“My father is alive?” Asked Wispy suddenly filled with joy, despite the bad situation they were in.

“King Cumulus was on our cloud and we took him prisoner.  Now he is in the dungeon, where you will join him.”  With this prompt the little electric monsters took Wispy and Parcel to the dungeons.  The Dungeon wasn’t anything fancy, just a square room under the fortress.  The ground had many little stakes which prisoners were tied to.  Wispy and parcel were each tied to a stake and then the monsters left.  It was silent there in between the roaring thunder.  “Dad, are you here?”  Wispy asked the darkness. 

“Wispy?” croaked a hoarse voice. 

“Dad! Dad! It’s me!” cried Wispy with tears of joy streaming down her face.  King Cumulus came as close to Wispy as his rope allowed, but now they could see each other.  King Cumulus was wearing his royal attire, but it was all soiled and dirty.  “Everyone thinks your dead,” sniffled Wispy. 

“I should be dead, but I was lucky.  I was talking to Farmer Sprite one moment and the next I was falling through the air.  I landed on this storm cloud.  A few days later Parcel found me, but he was very weak and couldn’t carry me.  Then the little monsters attacked.  Parcel escaped but I couldn’t,” explained the king.  “Now why are you here?” he asked.

“Parcel found me in the garden and he had your crown.  He wanted me to get on so I did, and then he brought me here.”

“Oh Parcel,” groaned the king.  “What good was it to bring my daughter?  If we can break free there is no way you can carry us both all the way home.”  Wispy and the King glared at Parcel for making such a bad plan.  Parcel though had his head near the ground working on something.   Wispy leaned closer to Parcel and saw he was nibbling on his rope.  He nearly had it in two pieces.  With a few more bites he was loose.  He did the same to Wispy’s rope.   Parcel was nearly finished with the King’s when a few of the little monsters entered the dungeon.   They shouted and began to try to re-capture the loose prisoners.  Parcel snipped the rope in two and the king jumped onto Parcel’s back.  Parcel charged at the little monsters and knocked over the one wrestling with Wispy.  Her father held out his arm and pulled her up onto Parcel’s back.  Parcel bolted out of the room and began racing up the halls trying to find a way out.  “That way” said the king as he pointed to the right.  Parcel obeyed and they found themselves in the open air.  Angry shouts came from behind them.  Parcel galloped and leaped to take off, but he fell back to the ground almost stumbling.  The weight on his back was difficult to carry.  Determined, he tried again knowing that if he can’t fly they could be trapped on this storm cloud forever. 

With the lightning monsters on his heels Parcel flapped his wings with all his might and took to the sky.  Finally in the air he soared as fast as he could.  The king positioned himself so he was sitting backwards and was back to back with Wispy.  This way he could fend off any monsters after them.  A patch of blue sky could been seen.  This motivated Parcel.  The King delivered a swift kick to one of the little monsters trying to grab Parcel’s hind leg.   As they flew out of the storm, the little monsters screamed furiously in defeat, as they couldn’t leave the cloud. 

The very tired Parcel instantly looked for a safe cloud to land on. A good-sized cloud came to view.  Parcel struggled to make it.  There were moments were he would almost be falling, but Wispy and the king urged him to keep going.  After much struggle Parcel landed on the cloud and then collapsed.  The King and Wispy jumped off of his back and knelt before him.  “He’ll be alright after some rest,” said the king, patting Parcel on the head.  Wispy stood up and looked around at the cloud they were on.  It was a relief to be on a safe white cloud, with no lightning monsters.  With his eyes shut Parcel went into a deep sleep. 

Meanwhile On the Imperial cloud, the castle was in an uproar.  Night was coming and Wispy had not been seen since after breakfast.  The Queen was walking the halls nervously.  In her hands she held her husband’s crown, which had been found in the garden.  It was very confusing.  How had it gotten there? The queen was certain it had something to do with Wispy’s disappearance.  The Queen was walking to the front lobby.  A servant had told her that the chief advisor was waiting with an urgent message.  The Chief Advisor rose when she entered the lobby.  “Your highness, as your aware, the king’s trials are tomorrow.  Many politicians are up and about trying to convince the people they will be the best king,” said the Chief Advisor, he stroked his long beard as he did.

“Shameful how politicians are such vultures these days.  This isn’t news though.”

“Well what I urgently came to tell you is this:  You remember Gale?”  The Queen thought a moment, and then the memory came to her.

“Ah! Yes I do.  He was an advisor when my dear Cumulus was first chosen to be king.  Then my husband put him in prison after Gale tried to steal the throne.”

“Yes, him.  Well my queen, since the king is dead, Gale has been released.”

“How! Wasn’t Gale supposed to be locked up for life?”

“It appears one of my fellow advisors used his position to help Gale get released.  With the king gone, no one could stop it.  This is not the full story though.  It appears Gale is one of the politicians trying to become king,” said the Chief Advisor.

“But nobody would think of voting for him,” said the Queen.

“Gale is a very good speaker, and spins very pretty lies.  The people have forgotten his crimes and only see the lies of a good future he is promising them. The people are tricked and favor him.  My Queen, if he gains power tomorrow, I’m scared for the kingdom, Wispy, and your safety.”  The Queen sat down, putting a hand over her heart.  The stress of her husband’s death, Wispy’s disappearance, and the thought of the kingdom falling into evil hands pained the Queen’s heart.  “Is there any news about Wispy?”  The Queen shook her head no.  “I’m sure she’ll be found.”

“I hope your right,” sighed the Queen as she looked out a window watching the pink and orange colors fade from the clouds as night was fast approaching.

The Sun soon sank below the horizon, reveling many bright stars.  The moon reflected a silver light along the tops of the clouds.  Wispy and her father laid on the cloud, using Parcel’s sleeping body as a pillow.  They all were silently sleeping in their little huddle.  The edge where they had landed was a low spot on the cloud.  Standing on this low spot you would see the edge on one side and then you would see the sloping mountain.  In this low spot they couldn’t see the rest of the cloud.  So, they calmly slept, unaware of whose cloud they were on.  They were soon to find out. 

A group of scouts were scaling down the side of the mountain to the low spot.   They had been sent to see who these intruders were.  They reached the bottom quietly and began to creep toward the sleeping huddle.  One of the scouts began to unfold a net he had brought, and another scout helped with unfolding it.  Parcel’s ears perked at the sound of the net unfolding.  His eyes slowly opened, blinking a few times as he woke up.  The scouts scurried with alarm and threw the net over the huddle.  The sleepy silence was soon disrupted with neighing and shouts.  Parcel was trying to getup but the net held him down.  The King and Wispy were now awake and also struggled under the net, but they had no clue how it had got there.  A scout took a handful of sleeping dust from a pouch he had tied to his belt and threw it above the net.  The dust drifted down and the King, Wispy, and Parcel breathed it.   Tiredness came over them all.  It wasn’t long before they were back to sleep.

Wispy woke up in a large comfy bed.  She opened her eyes to a brightly lit room as midday light came in through the windows.  Had she been dreaming?  She sat up and looked around not recognizing this room.  When she scouted out of the bed she noticed she wasn’t wearing her dress, but a floor length nightgown.   Her tiara had been removed and placed on a table just a little ways away.  She walked over to it and grabbed her tiara.  There had been a note placed under it.  It instructed her to go to the dinning room; a maid outside of her room will lead her there.  Wispy placed her tiara on her fluffy white locks of hair.  First she checked how she appeared in the mirror.  Then she walked out the only doors to her room.  As the note said, there was a maid standing outside.  The maid smiled cheerfully and led her to the dinning room.  In the dinning room was the king and another authoritative looking cloud man. 

The maid pulled out a chair next to the King and Wispy sat down.  On the long table was a breakfast fit for a city.  Wispy felt a rush of hunger as she remembered how she had skipped many meals.  The maid set a plate in front of Wispy and said she could have whatever she wanted. Wispy filled her plate, it was piled high in a un-lady like way, but she had an excuse.  Her father cleared her throat and introduced Wispy to the authoritative man across the table from them, “ Wispy, this is Mr. Hurris.  We couldn’t have better luck than to have landed on this cloud.  As it turns out this is one of the kingdom’s colonies.  Mr. Hurris is the Mayor for this colony.  He recognized me when his scouts brought us into the town and immediately began to care for us.  He will supply us for our way home.” Wispy nodded happily because o the good news and the good food.

“Again I am very sorry of how the scouts treated you,” said Mayor Hurris.  His face blushed pink.

“It’s fine, they didn’t know.  Everyone thinks I’m dead,” said the King, followed with a laugh. 

“Oh!” cried Mayor Hurris as he suddenly realized something.  “ Everyone does think your dead!  Do you realize what day is today?”

“No,” replied the king, confused. 

“The king’s trials are today.”  The king realized the sudden urgency as Mayor Hurris had.  The King and Mayor Hurris jump out of their chairs in the same instance.  Wispy had a mouthful of biscuit when her father grabbed her out of her chair.  The three of them ran down the hall and outside to the stables.  Mayor Hurris ordered the stable boys to saddle Parcel and two other unicorns.  The king mounted Parcel while Mayor Hurris and Wispy mounted a unicorn.  They began to gallop in single file, the King in the front leading.  They all leaped into the air and began soaring toward the Imperial Cloud.

On the Imperial cloud, much was happening in the city.   At the heart of the city was an open space filled with citizens.  They listened to the speakers standing on a stage giving speeches on why they should be the next leader of the kingdom.   Gale was speaking, and he was the last to speak.  The next stage in the trials was the vote.  “. . . and there will be no more hunger in our streets.  In my leadership I will get rid of the council, who are all crooked and evil.  I will listen to the people, and hear what they have to say.  Trust me with the delicate future of our lands and I will make sure we will be happy,” said Gale, finishing his speech.  The people cheered happily, believing what he said.  Some of his fans even held posters that had his name written on them.  Little did they know of his true plan.  He wanted to get rid of the advisors, not to listen to the people, but so he could do all the evil things he wants without the advisors getting in his way.  His promises of happiness were pure lies.  The advisors and the Queen knew this as they sat in a row of chairs in front of the stage. 

The crowd began to disperse as they all headed to a voting booth.  By the end of the day, the votes will have come in from all of the kingdom’s cities and clouds and the new leader will have been chosen.  Gale was the most popular candidate, and everyone felt he was going to win.  The Chief advisor sighed and looked up into the sky, hoping for something.  He stood up from his seat and pointed, “Look!”  The Queen squinted and saw three unicorns with riders flying down toward the stage.  As they got closer the Queen recognized her husband and daughter.  She covered her mouth with shock, and tears of joy overwhelmed her.   Completely beside herself the Queen jumped up and down and began shouting that the King was alive.   Citizens still near the stage saw this too and began shouting joyfully.  People who had gone to vote began returning to see this miracle.   Parcel along with the other unicorns landed on the stage.  The king got off onto the stage.  The advisor had made it to the king’s side, and was pointing at Gale who was trying to sneak away.  The King ordered the knights who had escorted the Queen to catch Gale and return him to the prison.    Gale was not far away as he saw all his evil work destroyed before him.  He ran away with the knights closely behind   He would soon be captured and return to where he was suppose to be.  Some Gale’s supporters watched as the guards chased him, and they dropped their signs in embarrassment.  They realized how wrong they had been to trust him.  The crooked advisor was also arrested, and was never to have the title of advisor from that day forward.

The Queen had brought the crown with her to the trials, and when she was on stage she placed it back on her husband’s head.  The crowd cheered as it symbolized how everything was back in place for the world of the cloud people.  The whole Imperial cloud was glowing in sunlight as the royal family was now reunited again.



The End





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