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The Little Fox - Chapter Three - Off To Africa

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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda --2004

After Timothy picked Mary up from her house he just remembered the good news .  Tommy's dad had found a lot  of oil in the desert 9days ago.  The banker said that if  it was cash it would be $2,000,540 !  I wondered if you wanted to come with us on our trip to Africa and Tommy ask Patty if she wanted to go too and she said "yes".  When they got on the plane it took 9 hours to get to Africa.  As soon as they were out of the airport Timothy and Mary ran toward the lake. Tommy and Patty ran right after them as fast as they could and they caught them before they could reach the lake.  They were running after Timothy and Mary because of the alligators in the pond, hippos, water snakes, and elephants will accidentally step on them to get a drink.  When Tommy and Patty weren't looking timothy fell into a ditch and  Mary noticed that timothy was stuck and then she fell in too.  They were desperate to get out of the hole.  Mary started to cry because she was scared and felt helpless and timothy comforted her. 

 Do you want to what happens next? well, when Mary stopped crying a snake creped in the hole. timothy thought they could use the snake as a rope so he told Mary the plan to get out of the hole. they jumped on the snakes body and crawled up out of the  hole. when they looked around they saw nobody!  Mary saw a big bush, so they crawled into the bush to hide for a while.  they saw blue berries in the bush and they relaxed and ate some berries then they decide to look for their owners. they herd a roar and they saw a pride of lions but they got away safely. After they ran through a very big patch of thick thorn brush they met 12 hunters.  when the hunters saw the two foxes they thought of how much money they could make from their fur.  They caught Timothy and Mary in a big net they had set up to catch monkeys with. Then the hunters put them in a cage but when they opened the cage to feed them they got out. These two lucky little foxes then found a herd of giant elephants and they asked one of them to take them to town. The super old white elephant said 'what are you', Mary said 'we are red American foxes' . 'what are those' the elephant said, 'NEVER mind'!  'please bring us to town' said Timothy.  On their way to town there was a big thunder storm and in the storm  Mary was slipping of the elephant but Timothy saved her in the knick of time.  at the end they were all soaked and wet but they got to town.


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