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Little Fox
The Preview

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Little Fox Preview


The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda July-6-2005

   In the morning of homested, Montana May 3, 1959 yaps could be heard in the distance .  These yaps belong to a newborn litter of fox pups .  One of the pups  named timothy, had radiant orange fur, black dipped paws, and golden eyes.  he is a very curious and a bit shy yet he is like most other foxes .  

     One week later timothy's mother took them for there first outing away from there den at the edge a field of tall grass.  Timothy and his brothers and sisters were playing around when a monarch butterfly glided into the field.  The butterfly caught Timothy s attention and he started chasing it.  He jumped, pawed, and bit until he started to wander into the tall grass still chasing the butterfly.  he was in the middle of the field of tall grass and loss sight of the butterfly.  He started looking around . he went one direction , then another until finally he came out of the tall grass.

      His family wasn't there! He timidly cried out," mama mama" but there was no reply from his mother.  Night was approaching and he didn't know were to sleep .  Since he didn't know were to go to sleep he just trotted over to a bush in the distance he crawled under it  and fell into a deep slumber.  The next morning he knew for certain he was alone when he didn't feel the warmth of his mother.  he always wanted to go to the forest but his mother said it' was too dangerous.  Timothy grinned and taunted to himself "mother isn't here right now so why not ?" .Timothy thought for a moment "were is the forest?'' .''Even though I want to go to the forest I need to find it but I need to eat'' Timothy laid down and thought '' I don't know were water is and I don't know how to hunt yet, I'm doomed'' and with that Timothy laid his head on his paws.  

          "Hi there young'n ''a strange voice from behind yelled out. Timothy jumped to his feet and slowly turned around with caution then he said '' I-I am not a-afraid of you I-I suggest Y-You go back ''  said Timothy shaking like a jackhammer." Is that the kind of manners you have for an old squirrel'' "SQUIRREL!''  Timothy shrieked with embarrassment " yes a squirrel'' .He popped out of the bush '' haven't you ever seen a squirrel before?  of course I've seen a squirrel Timothy lied he only Knew about them because of his mother " sure you have"  the squirrel disagreed ."My name is Hector I'm glad to meet you " said the old squirrel '' my name is Ti. . . " " Know I think it's proper to know your name young'n" " my name is timothy."

          You could tell hector was an old squirrel he had an old voice ,old words , and really old breath.  he had gray fur  long white muzzle and always wore a hat and his glasses .  Timothy relaxed himself and asked hector "do you know were water is ?"  "let see there's water in the forest'' '' the forest that's great!" .  they both sprinted off to the forest Timothy heart going 100 miles per hour in excitement.  when they got there Timothy lapped up a gallon of water .  After this Timothy said" I'm going to have a catnap " Hector said well I'll have a cat I mean squirrel nap.'' They both did what they said they would do then  hector groggily woke up a little later he look at Timothy still sleeping.   there was rustle in the bush and hector was alarmed! 

         hector yelled ,'' Timothy! wake up!" Timothy woke up to a pack of wolves trying to pounce on to Timothy . he dashed away from the wolves .  Hector tried to follow but he couldn't keep up. Timothy was running with all his might he was about to give up until he saw the edge  of the forest. finally timothy and the wolves came out of the forest onto a farm a tracker started and startled the wolves and they ran ofF.  Timothy on the other hand was to tired to run instead he fainted.  Tommy is the farmers son he has blond hair, blue eyes , and a big heart.

         Tommy was playing in the field he was working up a sweat and spotted TIMOTHY'S TAIL and he RAN OVER PANTING.  he looked at Timothy and picked him up .  He stared at the ribs of little Timothy and then he looked at his skinny belly.  he started running to the barn with Timothy he then went to old Betsy the cow he gave Timothy some nice warm milk.  after the days passed Timothy and Tommy grew to be the best of friends they ate , played, and slept together.  Timothy felt so happy but often thought of his old family.      


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