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Little Fox
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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda -August 13,2005

A couple days after Timothy's  and Mary's honeymoon  they were expecting six baby foxes. Tommy and patty were still horrified about the fact that Timothy and Mary were missing for a while. anyways, there were going to be two boys and four girls and Timothy was going to teach them how to be a sheep foxes.  timothy and Mary were worried if one or more were not going to survive the first week. after the first week the babies all survived and  timothy and Mary named them .  The girls names were Martha, Jane, June, AND Roselle the boys names were James and Mat.  Timothy wanted to name one of the boys Timothy Jr. !   When morning came Timothy  taught James and Mat how to be a sheep foxes because the girls had no interest at all.  After that they played a while and they went home to eat dinner which was fried chicken when dinner was over the kids went off to play in the barn Timothy and Mary were a sleep at this time.  The kids were wrestling and tussling when mat said "why don't we go outside to play ,our parents are a sleep and it won't hurt any thing ." Roselle thought he was joking but  told him anyways " sure it won't hurt anything except our parents trust in us" " so what we might never see out side besides the front yard'' '' but b. . . "  "who ever comes with me will see the out side '' .  No one came because of Roselle speech.  mat yelled out '' fine then you'll miss out on all the fun!" and then he marched out of the barn.  Roselle said boiling mad " O   I am going to tell on that spoiled brat " then she dashed out and ran to the ranch house onto the porch past sleeping duke the sheepdog through the dog door into the kitchen to Timothy's bed " DAD!"  " what in  the name of Mary O Hara  are you shouting for! "  " Mat is going exploring out of the barn.  Timothy and his daughter ran to the barn doors timothy asked Roselle " were did he say he would go out side?" " he didn't say " "O great" said Timothy.  Timothy and his daughter were looking in the corn field and while they were doing that Mat was near the chicken coop.  he was sniffing around when the roaster  said COocADOODLEDOO !  Mat looked up very surprised like  and though the roaster would be good at playing tag mat shouted out " I'm it" the roaster looked at him like he was crazy or something.  mat started running towards  roster .  The roaster started running away and was yelling " FOX ".  You could here him a mile away.  Timothy pricked up his ears and heard the roaster so did Roselle they both started running toward the chicken coop and saw mat chasing the roaster .  Timothy screamed  "MAT!"  Mat stopped and looked at his dad almost about to run away then looked at Roselle  and said " I was just playing " " but you could of gotten hurt" then they heard foot steps " looks like your going to be in big trouble " mocked Roselle .  Then out of the brush came  Tommy's father still in his pajamas and half asleep and  said " why don't you get back to sleep and you little guy stop chasing the chicken ." Timothy led his children to the barn. Roselle started walking into the barn, Mat followed then Timothy stopped him and said" no you don't your staying with me until you understand you have to listen to me " " I've learned my lesson dad" " no you didn't you're  just saying that.  They went back to sleep till the after noon .  when they woke up and ate breakfasts  then timothy  walked over to Mary's house and turned to the back yard opened the gate and went over to Mary and told her about last night. "well you could   move them over here if there such a hand full Timothy" " that is a good idea Mary but if they are any trouble just tell me " they both agreed on it so Timothy brought the kids over and said good by .  The kids were curios about there new surroundings and they were glad that they had  their mother.  Mary hasn't seen her children for awhile but she was able to take good care of them.  A couple of weeks later TOMMY AND HIS DAD GOT A STRANGE LETTER.

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