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The Little Fox - Chapter Four - The Wedding

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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda --Sept 2004

when Timothy and Mary got back to town they were so relieved that they were home .  Tommy and Patty were so happy too because Timothy and Mary were safe and sound after that they went home on a jet plane.  After they got home timothy decided to get Married  to Mary.  he first tried to impress her and ask her but before he  was able to she said "do you want to play ?"Timothy  couldn't say no.  Then he tried to take Mary to he zoo and ask her but something went really wrong the zoo keepers thought they escaped  from their cage so they put them in the fox cage timothy said he was really sorry Mary said "it's ok you didn't know this would happen" then the zoo keepers counted the foxes then they said "there are two more foxes" then they noticed the collars on timothy and Mary so they put them out of the cage and said "go home " and they ran out of the zoo.  When They were in a calm forest before anything else happened timothy said "will you Mary me Mary" and Mary thought a little bit and said "yes".  Timothy was so excited he yelled "Yahoooooooe" and then walk home but on their way a pack of wolfs was behind them when they noticed the wolves they ran like the wind the rest of the way home and when they did get home they had cooked fish and boiled eggs.  "Today is the day" said Timothy and he went outside and when he got outside he saw beautiful Mary, he stares at her like crazy, she looked like an angel all dressed up in daisies, roses, violets, grape vines, and some dew drops.  Timothy stepped beside her and took a really deep breath a turtle dove was the preacheR and said "timothy do you take Mary as your beloved wife and love her till the day she dies ?" "I do" "Mary do you take timothy as your beloved husband"  "I do" "you may kiss the bride But wait I need to close my eyes, I don't watch foxes kissing!".  They went home and ate some dinner and was planning their honeymoon.  They decided to go to *Saluting Lake* they both agreed to go.  The next morning they left the house. to go there.  

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