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The Little Fox - Chapter Seven - Off To Washington

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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda August 14, 2005

That is so cool!"  Tommy said in excitement this was because the president sent them an invitation to the White house!  Tommy thought for a moment "dad'' ''yeah''  his dad replied " why are we going to the White house?" " well because of all the oil on our land".  When Timothy heard about this he was somewhat happy, still remembering the trip to Africa.  Timothy  said in a sharp tone "o boy".  When he got to Mary's house he turned to the backyard gate  like he would usually  do and gave a fast yap.  Mary came to the gate and said " I'm sorry but Patty locked the gate ,"  " hey dad a couple of voices said " '' hey kids I need to talk to mommy right now" " ok daddy" "Mary that's okay I just wanted talk to you anyway ." Timothy took a deep breath "Tommy and his dad are going to Washington dc"  " isn't that good?" " well yes, but it means I'm leaving and you can't come with me," " please don't leave us daddy " cried Roselle " I'm sorry but I can't" " I'll miss you " " I'll miss you to '' Timothy sighed and left.  The next morning Timothy stretched out his front paws and touched something cold, he opened his eyes and he was in a cage.  he started looking around and recognized it, it  was the airport.  Poor Timothy had to be put in the cargo area of the plane. during the flight.  That Cargo area was loud, bumpy, and there was a really unpleasant smell.  Timothy thought he would die of misery.  When the plane  finally landed  Timothy was almost about to throw up.  Tommy picked up Timothy and then  they left the airport and rented a Cadillac also they rented a room at Civil Glory hotel They weren't going to see the president for a while so they decided to enjoy the scenery of Washington.  That night Timothy had tons of dreams his first dream was about his trip in Africa then he had a dream about meeting his parents and brothers and sisters like a family reunion the last dream he had was about fried chicken.  The next morning they went to go see the Lincoln memorial, to timothy it was gigantic!  after that they went to eat breakfast at a fancy restaurant,  I think It was called LINCOLN CAFE , it was near Lincoln memorial and you could look at it and eat at the same time.  tomorrow at 12:00 they are going, I mean maybe timothy is not going but Tommy and his dad are.  The next morning they all slept in late till 8:30 when they woke up Tommy and his dad dressed into their suits and stuffed Timothy into a dog bag and  got on  to a city bus  .  You  will not believe that The bus driver is the loudest and worst singer on the planet and poor Timothy and his owners were so paranoid that they decided to take a taxi.  they stopped at  a restaurant for lunch. Tommy was just about to take a bite out of his sandwich there was a scream from the kitchen and a lady ran out of the kitchen screaming  "Fire  !"   some of the cooks got buckets of water and poured it on the fire and her . 10 minutes  after this it was very smoky  but Tommy saved his sandwich  then quickly took a bite before anything else happened.  Tommy and his dad were trying to get a taxi cab when Timothy looked at the scared waitress .  Tommy called for Timothy and he took one last  peak at the waitress then ran to the taxi .  He hopped onto Tommy's lap and feel into a deep sleep.  When Timothy woke up he was in the dog bag, he saw the Whitehouse right in front of him .  His eyes widen as he came closer and closer.  Timothy stared at the bodyguards  leading them to the president . when they entered  the whitehouse the president was there waiting for them .   Timothy was  listening to the president  while  they were talking. The president asked  impatiently" well with your permission we will drill an oil well " " yes"  said Tommy's dad" Then we have a deal"  The president shook hands with Tommy's dad and they said good by . the next morning they got on the plane home when they arrived home Timothy told Mary and the kid about the trip  and he told them not to come around the south cow pasture because the oil well is going to be drilled there.  While Timothy was walking home he saw a familiar fox in the distance.


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