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The Little Fox - Chapter One

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Little Fox
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The Little Fox
Made by: Amanda 1-3-2004

Once upon a time there was a curious little fox, his name was Timothy.  he had 3 sisters and 4 brothers. he was always getting in to mischief. One day when he was playing with his brothers and sisters he got lost in the tall grass and that night he was so scared and he started to run and he ran faster and faster until he ran into a tree and past out. When morning came He woke up and stretched then he looked around and walked into a hollow log.  when dusk came a 9year old boy in a plaid shirt and in blue Jens.  his name was Tommy and he was getting a herd of Sheep home and then he saw the little fox and took him home. The next day Timothy’s mother saw timothy in the boy's arms and she Waited. Until the boy put him down on the ground and she walked up to him and said ‘ Were have you been" she said sternly ‘well" said timothy ‘ I got lost in the tall grass' And who is that boy who held you’ ‘he is my friend and I want to live with him’ and his mother left and said goodbye. 

So after she left he scurried of to play and the next day Tommy trained his fox how to herd sheep and soon he was a sheepfox and he got to have his first birthday were he was found. They played tag, hide and go seek, and bobbing for apples plus Tommy read to Timothy then they went home to sleep. When he woke up and ran out the door to herd the sheep and he went back in for breakfast and went back out to play. When he saw one of his brothers tied to a tree he said ‘hi brother why are you tied to a tree’ ‘ I was going to see how were you doing oh can you please chew off the rope’ so after Timothy chewed off the rope they went off to play in the woods. Then they went in the meadows and soon enough they fell asleep in the tall grass when they woke up they were in Tommy’s house Timothy’s brother was scared but Timothy explained that it was his home..  After he explained he went out with his brother to showed why he was a sheepfox then they went out to play for a couple of minuets  then Timothy’s brother had to go home.  After Timothy's brother was out of site timothy saw a blueberry bush. he walked over to have some blueberries for a snack then he went to dig a hole.  it was gust he Wright size then he walked in side to have a little nap.  


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